RESULTS from CE Mexico!!!!

Results from Combate Extremo Mexico event from November 3rd in Monterrey, Mexico
Attendance: 1,209

Luis Monzon def Mike Fillmore by Unanimous Decision - 3rd Round

Carlos Monzon NC DJ Fuentes  No Contest (Accidental Injury) - 1st Round

Edwin Jones def Ubaldo "El Zorro" Marroquin by Submission (Guillotine) - 1st Round

Raul Tovar draw Felix "El Canibal" Solis by Unanimous Draw - 3rd Round

Mario Jaquez def Christian Jordan by Split Decision - 3rd Round

Carlos Martinez def Roberto Juarez by Submission (Arm Bar) - 1st Round

Sam Cyr def Javier Trevino by Submission (Kimura) - 1st Round

Chris Villegas def Joseph Hinojosa by Unanimous Decision - 3rd Round


post some pics..

Will post ALL fights online by Thursday latest on the UG!!


Combate Extremo would like to thank all the fighters that participated, especially the American fighters who had a couple of setbacks in their transportation due to errors from the travel agencies, but everything worked out at the end.

A very special thanks to Guerra's House of Warriors, Mexican Top Team, Team Capital Punishment, Mike Fillmore's camp, Guerra Fight Gym and UMAHoF!

TTT for all the Fighters,Teams,Trainers and for Combate Extremo.

God bless everyone,
The Professor

Carlos Monzon NC DJ Fuentes No Contest (Accidental Injury) 2nd round.

Edwin Jones Def. Ubaldo "El Zorro" Marroquin by submission (Guillotine) 2nd round.

Mario Jaquez def. Christain Jordan by Unanimous Decision 3rd round.

God bless everyone,
The Professor

Thanks for the corrections Professor!!! That's why Combate Extremo entrusts you as the comissioner!

TTT for MMA in Mexico

TTT and no problem as we all make mistakes.

God bless everyone,
The Professor