Results from Reality Fighting???

Anyone have them??





I just reffed every match. 28 fighters and every single one fougth their heart out. Was an honor to be a part of it. I just drove through three states and have got to sleep, but will get up in the am and answer any specific questions.

Kirik in the Hammerstrom/Alvan fight do you think you should have stopped it earlier? Or where you letting it go because it was a title fight?

Great show by the way!


Who won that fight why did it get stopped.

The first fight I want to talk about is Hammerstrom v Alvan. Some of Marco's friends and students may be upset with me for stopping the fight, instread ot letting his extraordinary corner throw in the towel or letting Marco tap or see if the fight could turn. I have the utmost respect for Marco, for his character and for his skills. The utmost respect.

I knew that Marco's skills are such that he could take a title winning submission at any moment, in the blink of an eye. And I knew he had a corner with truly world class MMA, wrestling, BJJ, and striking experience, who knew this as well, and could have made the decision.

But it is my job to make those decisions. That is why Kipp put me in there. So I made the call I made, and stopped the fight.

It could be argued too that I should have stopped the fight earlier. I would ask only that people making that criticism (and they are welcome to here, I appreciate feedback and don't have thin skin) understand that Marco is a Brazilian Black Belt in a title fight, with a corner that has more talent in it's collective toe than I have in my entire body, and out of respect for the title, for what is a very tough game, and for Marco, I called it exactly when I did.

Kirik, did Marco loose???

Other results please?

what happened with Nolan Dutcher?

unfortuanately Nolan was KO'd by a headkick. Mike is a beast.

Anthony Leate KO'd Eddie Fyvie in the first round of the main event. Big congrats to Tony as he's a trainer partner and friend. He took the fight on 24 hours notice and looked good.

heres some results i remmeber well not much but

leate from agression beat fyvie for the 155 title hammerstrum won his tittle

kittride won his fight

glenn brown beat me

Congrats to Tony, Fyvie is incredibly good.

Keep your head up, Chris.

Kirik I was not being a critic I noticed you looking at Marcos corner as he was eating shots. You say "giving them the chance to throw in the towel" I understand that.

"unfortuanately Nolan was KO'd by a headkick. Mike is a beast" that was a highlight real KO. That kid is a beast.

Chris G. you fought a tough fight I hope the shoulder is good. I'll be following your career.

tough fight chris, that was the worst looking kimura ive seen since royler-saku.

yeh its ok cant win em all yeh the kimura was tight it sucked lol