results from Tactical Strength Challenge

 A few months ago i posted a thread about some contest i was going to do.  I cant find that thread now because of the "my threads" thing being messed up.  But thats another topic.

I just go back from the TSC.

i set some new PR's! 

Deadlift:  old 405 /  today 430

Chin ups:  20 reps tied old PR

24kg KB snatch:  96 in 5 minutes.  old record was 87.  

That gave me third at the place i was at.  I know my friend Mike smoked in the KB with 140 and 30 in the chin ups.  that gave him 2 first place finishes.  I think the guy who was lifting right before me took second. He out DL'ed me by 15 and did 4 more chins.  I think i out snatched him.  

I think the strategy for winning events like this is to try to do the best in 2 events and just place middle field in the other one like Mike did.  he took the two simular events with endurance and excelled at them.  The crossfit games is the other event i want to do and it also has 3 parts.  I had already had the idea to try to do best in the endurance part. 

The guys who deadlifted the most, 500+, all failed at the snatch and chin ups.  I cant out lift them. I'm 182 pounds, they were all 200+. 

Well did anybody else do it? I'll let you know how my next contest goes. 



Good job. Congrats on the pr, thats what its all about. Those KB snatches would be pure hell. I thought about competing but I didnt want to mess up my pl training with those frigin snatches haha

Good stuff, goku - congrats on beating your old PR's and taking third! I definitely want to do this in the future. Is the next one going to be in September?

Also the format of the CF Games is going to be different this year, from what I've been told, but they're not revealing anything until the day the event begins!

two things becca:

1. yes the next one is in september.

2. there will be an unoffical crossfit games on the east coast on May 31st. Its in Albany NY. Go to the Crossfit message board and look under the competition page. I think you live on the west coast. I live in NJ.

I bet these "unoffical" games is why they are changing the format and not telling what it will be.

Yeah, I'm in Los Angeles. And I don't think that's why actually, I think it's just a learning process from last year and plans to keep growing the event and having it evolve into something big. Who knows!

Goku what kind of training do you do for the deadlift? From what I've seen from Westside, powerlifters concentrate on mostly assistance exercises but don't do many actual deadlifts to raise their deadlift weight.

yes i've heard that. i did do 50/50 squats to DL earlier this year. But for the last month all i did was DL. I alternated between Doing working up to heavy singles and doing reps like 5 x 5. Also training the KB snatch hits your back simular to DL. And i had a little injury about a month ago that changed my game plan also.

good job dude

I'm assuming the chins are dead hang, but do you have to wear a vest too?

no my chin ups are unweighted.

Boy i'm sore. Maxing out on DL and KB snatch has my back feeling like an old man today

Interesting to hear about the Crossfit competitions. Thanks

I also forgot to mention that i pressed the 88 pound KB on this day also. just for shits and giggles. I'll try the Beast next chance i get. (108#)