results mass?

Well, how did Fickett finish the fight? How about Lauzon?


Don't discount Nuri, he is a tough S.O.B.

I'm up late for results, any help is appreciated. Best of luck to Nuri.

I agree you can't count anyone out, I just expect to see Drew win. I hope to see some results soon. Anyone?

ttt for results!!!

sorry Polish Connection, i am with Drew on this one. :)

People should be getting home from the fights by now

"Well, how did Fickett finish the fight?"

do you mean how did he do...or... how did he win?

I have no idea , but the way this is worded , sound like you might.

Probably the safe pick Jason, but Nuri is an old friend and I always vote for Team Elite. Nuri is among the most exciting fighters I've seen compete. Fickett is a difficult match-up style wise, though.

Nuri has been in the game for a while now. He has the skills to pull off a big upset. For fighters our age there are not many who have been competing in MMA as long as Nuri.

hmmm... food for thought. I heard good things about him tonight at Desert Quest.

Jason, how did your match end and how about Carlos Ortegas?

Did you grapple Riggs tonight?

All 16 matches must have gone down tonight or someone would be reporting.

Yes I did. Riggs and I went to a draw (I gave up 30 lbs to him) it was a good fight, everyone that saw it liked it alot. i had several near subs on him, but the boy is strong! he had a knee bar attempt at one point that shocked the hell out of me. all in all it was a good time. very very active.

Impressive, especially giving up that kind of weight.

thank you. and thank god, thank god he could not hit me.

ttt for the results

I just read on the Sherdog forum that Fickett won by RNC. Apparently Joe Lauzon also won.

how did lauzon win? sub? dec?

also, how about dylan urban, just wondering how he did for his first fight??