Results of Nationals

DIVISION: Men 81 kg
1. Aaron Cohen, Buffalo grove, IL, NYAC/Cohen's Judo Cl
2. David Ellis, Westfield, NJ, Cranford
3. Reno Reser, Monument, CO, OTC
3. Jake Flores, San Diego, CA, Sanshi
5. Harry St. Leger, Brooklyn, NY, Starrett Judo Club
5. Michael Pechina, San Bruno, CA, Cahill's Judo Academ

DIVISION: Men 90 kg
1. Dariusz Mikolajczak, Brooklyn, NY, Starrett
2. Adler Volmar, Middletown, RI, Pedro's Martial Arts
3. Joshua Peterson, Colorado Springs, CO, OTC
3. Richard Riley, Colorado Springs, CO, Timberline Judo Club
5. Victor Jean-Baptiste, Brockton, MA, Pedro's
5. Roger Mazzella, Marlborough, MA, Mike's Dojo

DIVISION: Men 100 kg
1. Theo Caracostas, Colorado Springs, CO, USOTC
2. Rhadi Ferguson, Washington DC, CO, OTC
3. Barry Friedberg, Brooklyn, NY, NYAC
3. Micah Bellamy, Colorado Springs, CO, OTC Judo Team
5. Michael Barnes, San Jose, CA, SJSU
5. Mark Fletcher, Atlanta, GA, Sanshi

DIVISION: Men +100 kg
1. Martin Boonzaayer, Hoffman Estates, IL, Cohen's Judo
2. Kirk Hoffmann, Colorado Springs, CO, Olympic Training Cen
3. Anthony Turner, Palm Springs, FL, MDCC
3. Anatoliy Kenis, Holland, PA, Liberty Bell
5. Pablo Figueroa, Toa Baja, PUR, UPP Judo Club
5. Jonathan Leonhardt, San Jose, CA, San Jose State Unive

MAZELTOV to Aaron Cohen who won 81kg.
100+kg looks similar to what was expected.
100kg Barry Frieberg did better than expected. Theo susprised some people
90kg I don't think anyone expected Mikolajczak to win. Looks like he has a place in trials.

Theo Caracostas is he a younger player then?

He's 26.

Trains at OTC.

I'm surprised Theo won, he must have had an "on" day.

Ben R.

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60 kg teradji
66 kg flores , only because alex is hurt right now and i don't think he will even fight ...

73 kg jimmy is not fighting so i will go with ryan or orly ....

81 kg this is a tough one , i'm going to go with rick but watch out for the other flores ....

90 kg brian if he fights , i'm not sure who else is in there other then brian .....

100 kg rhadi rhadi , if barnes can beat him i will sleep with tim wilsons sister....

100+kg i'm going with big kurk , sorry little john ...

i'm not taking the time to write about womans judo but i can't see anyone beating rhonda .... "


What exactly did you call clown? Here is your post from the prediction thread. Looks like you called Rhadi.

Looks like you went 0 out of 4 for your first day's predictions.

Oh clown, what are we going to do with you?

Okay clownypants, get your predictions ready for the Trials. If you are wrong, we'll change your name to clownypants permanently.

theo got a juji on barnes. barnes didnt know he had any newaza and just took it for granted.

none of the finals were actually fought at -100kg. barnes, fletcher and rhadi all forefited and gave byes to theo, friedburg and micah.

Josh why did they all forefit?

Why did they forefeit?

Barry needs a piss test. It always amazes me he never turns up positive.

He makes Randleman look like he never lifts.

not well. at least, not nearly as well as i should have or expected of myself. but, thats judo. upsets happen and people lose matches they shouldnt all the time.

word of advice.. dont ever try to armlock garry st. leger. you wont get it and his arm wont break either. the damn thing is made of flexible titanium.

and you clown?

ricky.. why forfeit? why fight? their spots in the trials were set. nothing was gonna change. they just went to SD to get in a match or two and see what needs to be sharpened going into the trials. mission accomplished for all of them i think.

How did TeiMoc about of NYAC do? He's almost 50

Best of luck in the future Josh.

ps. you have a lot of great stuff coming up anyway (finish school, moving, having a kid)!

he was great to watch. he and riley went at it, though you cant say it was a frantic pace due to age delays. =) the guy didnt make the 76 team for no reason, he is a really smart player and he went out there and proved that judo isnt all about the physical body-- that sometimes all it takes it smarts and confidence.

i got a chance to tell him that it was really cool to watch him fight and he just smiled and said "well, somebody has to try and keep you young guys honest".

brewtser thompson also fought at +100. he is 50 as well. he made a few world teams before i was born. fact, he came pretty damn close to beating hoffman until the gas tank went well below E.

sothy.. thanks.. and, you are absolutley right. =)

"How did TeiMoc about of NYAC do? He's almost 50"

"brewtser thompson also fought at +100. he is 50 as well. he made a few world teams before i was born. fact, he came pretty damn close to beating hoffman until the gas tank went well below E."

I have done sumo with both of these guys. They are freaks of nature and great human beings.

good luck joshua

so what happens next? The top 5 in each division fight in the Olympic Trials?


whether we like it or not is a not the only consideration. The athletes
requested it that is what was supported. Now the fact that we in the
past decided to just hold things for the #1 athlete as of points instead
of fighting it out was crazy as well. I like the idea of using the nationals
as a method of selection, but not the only criteria. Other countries use
a variety of methods - including holding more than one trials in some
cases 4 to 8 inconjuntion with international results. Fighting in country
is what gives you a country of depth and not of people selecting to
fight this or that. It is not about the individual only it is about the total


its a good thing you arent in a position to make the choice then. every olympic sport in the US has a trials, its a national tradition in sport. you MAY see one small part of it logically, but for the most part you just dont get it.

your peers, thats the athletes-- and a very overwhelming number of them-- want a trials. getting into the top-5 is almost completly dependent on international competition (at best i believe that only a few people ranked as C's are even in the trials-- for men i mean) along with a few people who did really well this weekend.

the trials is not going to determine who is our best international player... it is going to determine who is our biggest POTENIAL chance for their one day in athens. it is already very much in favor of the #1 athletes, now let them fight it out-- they ALL deserve the chance.

There is no reason Pedro should have to fight in the trials after his shitload of A-level 1st and 2nd places this year.