Resume crap...

How would one be able to blow up onsite and bench tech work to more than it is?

OR at least to sound better.

I worked for a company for awhile called IAI and I was an onsite tech

I did parts replacement for the most part in some small servers and PC systems.

Troubleshot win 9x systems.
Helped get network connectivity and or set the customers up.

And the other one (just a few months ago) was a tech shop working on PCs......

So, I am just trying to make this sound decent :(

This is the job filing...

I am working with a recruitment company if that makes any difference...

Hey guys, Just wanted to give you the latest update!
I've got a Jr. Infrastructure position, 6 month contract to hire XX-XXk If you or a friend are interested please let me know. Thanks, Megan
Here are the deets:
Job Description:
In need of someone that will develop into an Infrastructure/Network Admin type. This person will be responsible for hardware and software set up of "boxes" that will be sent to News/TV stations around the US that provider ticker information for the bottom of the TV screen.

- Experience with desktop support/server support.
- XP Pro and 2003 Server/Desktop experience

I am not sure there is a way. HR and manager have seen a ton of resumes. If you build it up too much, the BS meter goes off and you definitely go in the trash.

I think the best way is to upgrade the areas over which you have control - your degree, your certs, absolutely no typos or grammar mistakes on your resume. Job responsibilities are harder to control.

In your case, I would emphasize my military service. When I see military service I think (for right or wrong) discipline and attention to detail. That's worth a lot, especially in the mid to Jr. sysadmin market.


For the military, I split it up.

I went to two tech schools and put that in my education area, and my actual time I was in, I put that in the employment cat.

junior sounds like low pay.


:( I gotta take what I can get to be honest.

40k with the potential to move into a larger role is worth it for me. I got other funds backing me up and upping me another nice chunk of change, you know what those are.

Its in Cool Springs, it will be less than a 5 minute drive from my friends house I'm moving in with.

Beat me up

Okay guys,

Tear me a new one :(

seriously, if you think there are any keywords, or anything to make it sound better, I know its a page and a few, thats cool for now, etc., I'll size it down if I need to, but I just am trying to get something clean.

don't let that security clearance go to waste.

if only i knew about these job sites and opportunities when i got out in 93.


You really need to beef that up.

Add the programs you've used, routing protocols, models of networking equipment.

you have a vet rep. they can help write the res too. your school has a career center that can help.

secret security clearance?

hell you can even say that you hacked osama's email account.

rewrite the job description as your resume.

build it to show an ever increasing degree of responsibility.

research the company. read their web page news. check them out on google.

inquire about their veteran programs.


Use your consultant job to fill in gaps of experience that your jobs didn't.

mention that you're in that VA program.


Steph - I've been looking at stuff on - I've actually find some gs 9-11 positions overseas that I'd love to get. Maybe I'll talk to my voc rehab counsler about that, but to work and live in Germany would be a dream come true.

You still at Ford?

no. fuck ford. two things i'll never do again. contract and auto industry. only direct hire now.

i'm at a national ISP working on their routers and switches.

you're young. travel. once i got out of the af i lived in a couple places across the country before i settled back down.


Typos and grammar stuff:

Name: Jonathan E (period) Finney

Profile section - 3 things end with period, the last does not. And neither does anything else after that. Last item in profile is of a different spacing or something than the others.

Dates - Dates are not consistent. Some have double dash, some have single, some have graduation dates, some have times.

Know what is capitalized and what is not. DHCP and DNS are abbreviations, and should be capped. Group Policy is capped in all MS docs, and should be capped. 2000 should be Windows 2000. I think desktop support is lowercase. WatchGuard has G capped.

If your GPA is good, you should list it.

I disagree with Stephen on customizing resumes too much for jobs. Customizing gives you more room to make a grammar goof or typo. I know different people feel differently about this, but that is what I think. I think that's what a cover letter is for.

What is "setting up company for ebay"?

What is "worked extensively with Windows systems"?
How so? If desktop, then you've already said it, and you can fuse it. If with GP, then you should say that.

What is "Rebuilt the network that was on 25-nodes and connected to a Windows Server 2003 on Dell Systems"? How did you rebuilt it? Not clear to me.

"Integrated Automation International, Las Vegas, NV"
is 3 bullets of the same thing. You could probably shrink to one.

Probably would leave off soldering, as you won't be doing it at your new job (probably).

Probably would leave off "Prepared new systems and QC for new systems ", this falls under desktop. Unless you mean "installed and configured new servers running W2k3" or something similar.

"• Workgroup manager and established new user accounts and emails for the personnel in my section on Active Directory as well as help diagnose small network problems inside our building on a enterprise Windows 2000 Server network"

The Windows part could be compacted to something like "managed user and group accounts on Windows 2000 server environment"

spelling: COMPLIED DOCUMENTATION (compiled).

Overall, when I see your resume, I see "desktop support, military, Group Policies, some Win server". I thought you knew more networking?

I also dislike this particular bullet format. It seems as if any bullet is two lines, ALL bullets are two lines. That lengthens your resume, and just looks non standard.

BTW, I think this is a pretty good resume. With just a little tightening up, you would have a resume with decent experience, military service, and zero typos or grammar mistakes. To be honest, that type of resume is not that common.

Also, didn't you say the AF would pay for your certs? You should go ahead and study to get them.

asdf caught most of what I was going to mention.

At the end, don't say "setup". Say implemented or installed. If you must, say "set up", instead of setup.

The last sentence "Setup using multiplexing and using ATMS" makes no sense to me. For one thing, rewrite it so it makes sense, for another I would fill out whatever ATMS means. Don't use an acronym for things that aren't common knowledge.

One more thing, I would try to cut it down to 1 page. You should have a 1 page resume at most, unless you have like 10 years of experience. You might not have to cut content, you can change the layout so it's more smushed together.

In the third bullet of the USAF section, you have "as well as help diagnose". That should be 'helped'. Everything else in that section is in past tense, so this should be too.

Fuck ya, this is exactly what I was looking for

This job may finally be my big break to pull out my nerd nuts on the table and do some shit for a company :)

I basically built the company up for e-baying in a professional manner. I direct creating all the accounts, and doing the bank work side of it. Created policies for the listings (return, shipping, etc.,) Showed them how to make more money, and to save money with shipping, etc. Set them up with automated shipping, trained a person to take over everything after I left, etc.,

What is "worked extensively with Windows systems"? How so? If desktop, then you've already said it, and you can fuse it. If with GP, then you should say that.

Basically, I know this is my most confident skill, give me ANY computer with MS Windows whatever, and I can do anything that is feasibly possible, troubleshooting, setup, customization, etc.,......

I am pretty good with networking, but its all on paper and in labs, I've tried to setup my own labs at home with cisco switches, routers and gear, and I was able to creat virtuals WANS and I also did this for my training inside of the Air Force Tech School. Hell, I believe I have a decent grasp of network security, by no means, not a Warez/TOki level, but more than the average network admin.

" Also, didn't you say the AF would pay for your certs? You should go ahead and study to get them."

Bachelors seems more important to get out of the way, imho. I just finished my first semester outta the mil, 3.75, best grades ever, I'm on a roll, and honestly, I don't wanna disrupt that.


What is "Rebuilt the network that was on 25-nodes and connected to a Windows Server 2003 on Dell Systems"? How did you rebuilt it? Not clear to me. "

Ahh, basically, the companies network was in shambles, using the local logins on windows 2000 systems, very mismanaged, spyware infections everywhere, no group policies set, the wires were all over the place, reflashed the IOS for the watchguard firewall, patched the shit out of a windows 2003 server which I've never touched before, set the server up on incremental backsup through a service online, setup a VPN for employees that were remote and configured the watchguard firewall open access for that service, etc., ............went th

you're more comfortable talking to us than a stranger.

remember that the 1st person in the company to see your resume is going to be a non tech. they're looking for key words.

windows, cisco....

if it's not on your resume then it doesn't exist. you can't go to an interview and start talking about stuff that's not on the resume. it has to be consistent.

separate the job description sentence by sentence. for each sentence you should be able to describe what you've done that relates to that sentence.


That depends on whether you can replace a 555 with nothing but a hair dryer.