Resume Help...

ok..i have had a basic resume in the past that focused primarily on my education and summer jobs... now i have had a "real" job in my field and want to update my resume... what is the best format to use now.

do i put all of my new work experience and what not at the top and then list my education

or keep education at the top and then add my newest work experience

any suggestions or links to good examples would be great.

IMO depends on what is more impressive. If you have a Ph.D. from MIT, and 8 certifications, you might put that at the top anyway. If you have a HS degree, then put your work experience first.

and don't put

references available on request.


"and don't put references available on request."

why not? what's wrong with that?

thanks guys.. interview went great.. appreciate the help

it goes without saying that you'll supply references when asked.

in fact, you'll probably have to give references somewhere in the paperwork.