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Today is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. The cornerstone of the Christian tradition. The promise of new life, not just life after our passing, but the promise of life after death in many ways. But do we really believe this? Is it just a nice story, that makes us feel good? Is it a mythic fable that gives us an excuse to have the family over, and think religiously for a day? Or is it the very foundation of belief in our lives?

It is easy for most of us to continue along in life, and even in our faith without truly living according to our beliefs, our values and our own personal truth. So I ask again, do you really believe it? Do you believe that Christ conquered death, that He conquered hate, that He conquered selfishness, that He was victorious over all that we face? And more importantly do you believe that He desires to do the same in and through you?

Jesus taught that death is necessary for life to come. Through His death we received life, and more than just life but the power of resurrection ourselves. But do we live with this truth at the center of our lives?

Today, and for the last few weeks I am packing my bags, throwing out excess, giving away much, and putting a few important belongings in storage. And, saying goodbye to people we have spent the last five years in close community with. It feels a little like dying. Life as we know it is changing, but the truth is, it is an end, but also a beginning. Our little church will not survive our leaving. This would seem by many a colossal failure, or the certainty that we are making a mistake. Why would God have you leave a perfectly good church to die, to start another on the other side of the globe? Good question.

I would answer that by saying, that only after a thing dies can we truly experience resurrection. The truth is our church probably would not survive even if we stayed. People are getting married and moving away. Others have left to pursue ministries of their own. Some have left for school, or the Army, or other jobs. But as our little church dies, it becomes the life of God to so many more. Because each person, carries with them what they took from this little church, and brings it to a new community of people. The leaving, the dying is painful as hell. And I have spent some time mourning, and there is more mourning to come. But I believe in the resurrection. I believe that only when we die to ourselves, and our comfortability can we truly see God's life made manifest on earth.

But this is not a special occasion, this is each and everyday. Do you really believe in the resurrection? I would say if you really believe, then you should be dying everyday. You should be experiencing the leaving of your own wants, your own comfortableness , your own security and experiencing the power of resurrection.

I will tell you with the certainty of experience, that God does great things, in dire circumstances. I can tell you from experience that it is the painful things in life that yield the most beautiful and powerful growth. It is not the great moments of friendship, romance, connection that has made my marriage a truly amazing relationship but the times of pain, and death, that become the strength, the proven character, and the hope of our lives. I can tell you that it is the reaching out, and risking, and failing, that becomes the power of God on this earth.

The fact is, you don't deserve a break today. The fact is you are not what you own. The fact is your car, your house, your job do not define you. You are made for so much more than the creature comforts of life. You are designed and destined for the resurrection. So do you believe it? Do you believe in the resurrection of Jesus? Do you believe in the resurrection of yourself? Do you believe the same power that rose Christ from the grave lives in you? If you do, do you live like that is true?

Unfortunately the answer for myself is too often no. Today reminds me that this should change.

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I believe in Christ the Lord although I do wish the emphasis on over-sacrifice to achieve a more noble end would be less stressed. I also believe in helping the fellow man and giving to those who are needy, again, though I don't believe that you must give up everything to be a better person.

My opinion is that it starts with having good intentions, and if you don't have the best intentions in mind then giving up all you have doesn't equate to much. There are millionaires who do good things and there are poor people who do bad things. I'm sure I'm not living 100% to the word but I do try to follow it.

Beyond that, Happy Easter and best wishes to all religions.

You misunderstand me, I am not saying give up everything for a more noble end. I am saying that to truly experience the power of God, we must allow the power of ourselves to run out. But we cling to control.

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I'm sorry Rev, I'm not really aiming anything at you. I grew up in the Church and sacrifice is our general theme. I figured out myself later that sometimes when I was giving things and getting credit back on my taxes, or giving money to a bum on the street that I felt justified for doing it. It wasn't coming from a place that was really heartfelt. Now, I only try to give when I know that I'm doing it for the right reasons.

You're right though, we do need to give up more control...

Thank you for the thread, I enjoyed it very much and happy Easter.

I believe,


Rev, thanks for the encouraging words, bro. Christians are getting a
bad rap nowadays (often for good reasons). It's good to know that
there are others out there like us, who make every hour of every day an
opportunity to do good -- not in a superficial obligation but in a
sincere practice of our faith. God bless you Rev, not just on Easter but
every day hereafter.

Oh, and PS -- be sure to introduce your new church to the triangle and
kneebar. Haha. Gotta keep this related, I guess. Peace.

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And yes HE LIVES! or as my japanese friend would say


good post rev.

Amen. Jesus is alive and the reason for living!

Jesus Lives!!

Go Rickson!

Dan-The rev has across the board posting privledges with his Sunday message so NO this thread shouldn't be removed.

I would like to know why it is "Easter" (the name derived from a goddess of fertility) that we celebrate as believers in Yahashua (or as we mispronounce the German derivative Jesus) MESSISAH (Jewish) rather than Passover and its fulfillment as it was intended? Easter has no more to do with the worship of Yahweh and his Son than the celebration of vetren's day. Say what you will but his name is not JESUS, he is not blond with blue eyes, he does not condone the GOP, and he does not endorse the international monopoly of a corportation that is called the 'Church'. I would state that the western idea of 'Jesus' has nothing to do with the Jewish Messiah of the biblical text as well. Easter is a pagan holiday to those who truely follow the God of the text and the Messiah that was sent.

Of course this is all my opinion based upon my years of study. So don't start with the hate. Keep your opinion if you like I'm not asking you to adopt mine.



A lot of people lose sight that there are church goers and there are Christians. Some people go to church on Sunday,then go home,snap at their family,snap at their friends and at their workmates during the week, not trying to live the word on a daily basis. Those are church goers. Then there are people who try to set a good example and try their best to do right by others and by themselves in everything they do,to be positive and helpful,and really try to live as God would have us live with a good and pure heart. Those are Christians. The world needs more of the latter. This probably applies to most other religions actually, not enough practice what they preach. Looks like we're loosing one of the good ones and Australia is getting one. :)

Happy Easter and God bless!

Jesus is alive!

God Bless You, Reverend John and Happy Easter!

Love to be "the voice in the wilderness" every now and again...

MRB, I don't think I was the one who called it Easter, or Ishtar, I personally refuse to do so. I also do not embrace the blonde haired blue eyed republican Jesus. I am an anarchist, I believe Yahshuah was a darker skined middle eastern Jew, and I am quite non western in my worship and thought process, but thanks.

This thread should not be moved. And why not?

because as a former pro fighter, a trainer of pros, and a manager of pros, and also a gym owner, everything I say belongs here :)

have a nice Sunday

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