Retire already, Andre Arlovski

Your performances are mind-bogglingly boring and tentative. The average sparring session is a barn-burner compared to your snooze-fests. You're gun-shy...admit it and move on. It happens.

I would never pay for a UFC with Andre Arlovski as the main draw. In the words of our illustrious statesman and neurosurgeon-in-training, George Bush, "Fool me once, Shame on you. Fool me twice...yer never gunna fool me again!"

I liked Herbs idea but don't use the word retreat. It would have been better to say if you don't engage and fight I will be taking points. Andre was pressing forward but not engaging.

he possibly gets the winner of gonzaga/coture for the title. id have played it safe too. you dont get very many title shots or even speculations.

Actually it's:

"Fool me once, Shame on.. shame on you. Fool me... can't get fooled again!"

I love that quote. LOL!

This thread is far more boring than Arlovski will ever be. Please retire.

I wanna see him fight big Tim again to even the score.

Keylock armbar said it correctly. Arlovski won that fight, even though it was boring. And now gets a title shot. So anyone that doesnt like him can piss off. They werent the ones with a title on the line!

This thread was somewhat credible until you quoted George Bush.

"This thread is far more boring than Arlovski will ever be. Please retire."


I'll second that.  Andre's only 28.  He's got a lot more fight in him and I'm still a fan.

I dont think it was just this fight, he's looked tentative ever since he got knocked out by Tim.

I love watching Andrei fight, I think he'll be champ again.

Werdum wasn't exactly exciting either..He's supposed to be a world class grappler and couldn't even take AA down!?!And slapping like a bitch in a closed fist fight?

I hate to pile on when people are against him, but from the start of his UFC career, I felt he was overrated.

He doesnt have a jaw, which makes him tentative. He lacks the power of Pedro Rizzo to make that style even remotely interesting (not that Pedro's fights were always interesting, but he could ko someone at any time, even with his passive style).

Lets give Werdum some respect. He aint chopped liver and Andre didnt go to the ground and respected that ground game. To Werdum's credit he didnt get Ko'ed while standing with andre

The Calf Cruncher

andre, have you been deleting my posts and threads, bro?

Arlovski knows his chin isn't good and gets gunshy. Great 1st round, horrible 2nd and 3rd rounds. Werdum actually connected with a few of those punches.

aa ftw i hope to see him around for a while. He needs to take his training seriously though. He even said after fight that he wasnt prepaired to fight a JJ guy.


I havent deleted any posts in a long time.


"Feed AA to Kongo"

I can't believe i'm the first to LOL@this. Andre fucking destroys Kongo.