Retired MMA Heavyweights

I was thinking of all the MMA heavyweights that have retired from the sport over the last few years and how much i miss some of them. How empty the sport feels without them.

And the one that stands out the most amongst them. The one who left me wanting more. Left a pit in my stomach i can't get rid of with the unanswered questions. The man who would be UFC HEavyweight Champion right now. The man who was destined to be and may still be the GOAT. The undefeated Heavyweight Champion of the world.......


cool story bro.

But real answer is Mark Schultz FTW

Tom Erikson

Brock Lesnar Phone Post

Why are we talking about Cole Konrad, didn't he retire? Phone Post

Cole retired. I think... Phone Post

He retired Phone Post

cantuna4u - Cole retired. I think... Phone Post

I heard this also, unsure how true tho. Think Jimmy Rustler can confirm........ Phone Post

I'm unsure if Cole Konrad has retired but I know someone who is even better....

....a gorilla. Phone Post