Retrieving deleted data?

Is there anyway to retrieve deleted data once it has been removed
from the recycle bin without buying expensive software?

Similar questions about data recovery have been asked on here countless times. The last few times I've simply given URLs to the threads where it has been discussed before. I'll check my threads and see if I can find it, I don't mean to be impersonal or anything, I just seriously am way to lazy to retype out the information thats included on the other threads

I believe the first one has the most information but the other ones also cover the topic

Also people have recommended Ontrack Data Recovery Easy Professional on other threads, also I believe Easy Recovery Pro was suggested too. There are some good free ones but I can't think of their names right now, I probably mentioned them on one of those threads though, and if you're really lucky you might find a professional "pay" app that comes with a trial version that you can use for a few days, I'm not sure if there are any but you might get lucky and find something

Ontracks program is the shit....

Thanks guys