retrieving text messages from comp

from the company/provider is what I tried to say in title

lets say I think my gf is running around on me- she erased her text there a hard copy of all incoming and outgoing texts on file with the company?

if you mean IM conversions and an IM provider,

probably not, and if they did, they sure as heck aren't gonna share them with you, unless you're a Fed or NSA.

you might be able to retreive the IM conversations from her computer (assuming she logged them), via computer forensics software that can beat basic deletes.

however, the core problem is that you are suspicious enough of her that you think she cheated.

this means that either -

  1. you are the jealous, possessive, suspicious type, or

  2. she is doing enough shady shit you already know the real answer in your heart.

I'm sorry guys I meant text messages on a cell phone. Would Verizon for example have records of all incoming and outgoing SMS messages on file?

they may keep messages for a certain time period either by choice or by law... call them up and ask

this is an easy one.

dump her.


ZeStephen is correct.

i have an easy way to feel better dude, Fu.K her sister !!!

Well do you pay her bill (the phone is in your name or under an account with your name on it)...then you should be able to get access to them by simply saying it is your "daughters" phone.

Beyond that you ain't getting shit. Best thing you can do is get a new girl and cancel that line.