return of Lama Pai

While some have wrestled to grasp my concept, ie that my desire was to offer to the greatest percentage some useable skill in realtive time and that the best way to do this was San Da; they also failed to recognize what I had said at the same time, that for some, the traditional route can provide rich rewards....

In order to honor my teacher, who just left us, I have opened my hand again. I will teach traditional Lama Pai if I can find students who are willing to put in teh necessary time and dedication,

If anyone is interested, they can contact me at

I am sorry to hear of your teacher's passing Sifu Ross. Good luck in your efforts to promote lama kung fu.

Pauper, I think that learning a MA in the traditional manner has more to offer than just learning to fight, or "usable skill" . PLus, the pajamas are quite comfortable :-)

RIP Sifu Chan