Return of Rich Franklin to UFC?

This needs to be done.

The guy loses one fight in Japan to a fighter (Lyoto) who has in a few fights proven to be a threat (KO/Submission) to anyone 205 and above.

Now, he has virtually dropped off the shelf of top 205 contenders and is being treated like a defected product by the UFC and blackballed for trying to stay active and make some money in Japan.

Great guy, former teacher!

Where's the bandwagon?

ttt for the carey man,he should figt chuck,

solid fighter, lots of potential

From what I have seen he is a well rounded fighter and I think the UFC should bring him back as well. There are some big name guys fighting at 205 in UFC, Randy, Vitor, Chuck and Tito but not much after that.

According to Fightsport, Dana White hates Franklin and will never bring him back

So....I expect to see Franklin back by UFC 49 :)

Him v Chuck or Tito would be good.

Franklin has a fight verbally agreeded upon for August

Franklin/Tito would be an awsome bout!

I really wish they'd bring him back; not only is he good, but he's actually a potential sub threat in a division completely lacking in them (please don't mention Vitor).

Couldn't agree more.

Exactly the sort of cross-section of skills the UFC should be after. Wins by most forms of finish, talented, well spoken.... LOL, ok maybe UFC will look past him ;).