Return of the King PC question

i just got this game for my computer, and no matter who i chose for character, it makes me samohmrfrodowise.

he is a cool cat and all but i would like to play as the other characters also.

i downloaded saved game files that say i have every character open at lvl 20 each but anyone i chose it still makes me samwise.

please help

It makes you Sam even in the Wizard or King storyline?

Sam is your only choice for a character when you're in the Hobbit missions, like Gandalf is the only character you can use in the Wizard missions. Only in the King missions did I have a choice of characters the first time through. After you beat the whole game, I think you can start using other characters in the mission.

maybe it's those saved files you d/led

nope it happened before i got the saved games. the reason i got the saved games cause it has all the chars unlocked but anyone i pick just gives me sam.

i played the first mission as gandolf just fine. then i went to play the second straight north mission(ghost one) and it said aragorn and legolas and gimli were open. i pick aragorn, he does the finishing move and then the game starts. after the cutscenes it puts me as sam :(

Its because you didnt buy the game. You need to gbet the newer crack. If you can only play as sam and not skip movies then you have the bad crack. the crack that is in the bin.cue file is bad, you have to get theproper crack.