Returning to the office

“Employees are returning to the office, just to sit on Zoom calls”


that’s kind of silly. you’re still meeting in person as well.

RTO is important to productivity. unless your some kind of back room social reject…but even then. even those guys benefit from being around other people.

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fuck office work

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not just office work. any kind of in-person collaboration is better than remote collaboration. being around other people makes you more productive whether you like other people or not.


I can’t wear my Snorlax onesie to the office


Who says?!

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Not sure that’s true. Lots of water cooler banter and wasted meeting time in the office. People that work from home tend to work more hours, i doubt overall there’s much productivity gain if any.


Lazy faggots just looking for reasons to stay at home sitting on their asses while getting paid.


Your kids should see you go to work. Let’s not pretend these are REAL work-from-home jobs, the pandemic MADE these work-from-home jobs.

Farmers get up and go to work. Frontiersman got up and went to work. Your fathers - though most of you never met them - may have got up and gone to work like mine.

Ask the grandmother who raised you.

Disagree with you on this one my dude. Although I’m not a dad yet so maybe my opinion might change, but I think it might solidify it even more to be honest.

I think raising a kid where both parents are working from home is going to be dope. My dad was 36 when I was born and is blue collar as fuck and still getting after it this day.

I remember him being smoked after work and not having any energy to wrestle or throw the football a lot of times when he got home. Definite bummer as a kid for me. All anecdotal but I’m not a lazy dude and I work hard, I just like working from home and on my own schedule. I also work in an environment where as long as deadlines are met, everything is kosher.


I don’t know about more productive but conversations happen in person that just don’t happen via remote means. Sometimes things overheard spark other conversations sometimes just talking through things gets new ideas or clarification.

I work in a fairly collaborative engineering environment and just being in the office 2-3 days a week really helps the team keep moving in a more collaborative way. It’s not 100% necessary as we weathered lockdowns just fine, but it’s much smoother and better quality when people are in the office at least part time.


My office is dealing with this now.

Some employees can handle it. Others cannot. I think were going to slowly start bringing people in on certain days a week and for meetings/training sessions.

Then if it doesnt work at all we’ll bring everyone back.

The savings we will get on smaller office space if this works will be substantial.

I have young children so im home 2 days a week. Its pretty great because i get home just in time to put them to bed otherwise.

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You mean pretend to look busy while the boss is looking?

Arent there studies out there that show more productivity working from home. You’d think people would do the opposite but it sounds like they were so happy to be away from the office and the politics that were a daily occurrence they were more motivated than ever.

What covid brought out is how useless having 6 sups and 3 managers per office. Obviously, this is a pushback to save those careers.

this is really what i meant. people work better together. you hear things that spark ideas or give you a tip to prep for something etc. conversations happen. spontaneous meetings happen, and not the bs kind, usefull ones.

there are studies that say people work more from home. but more =/= better.

i personally do not like the bridging of the worlds

sometimes work sucks, home or otherwise, and i dont like the association between work sucking and the home environment

the last thing i want to do is wake up and walking into “work”

work from home for me = no bueno

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A lazy ass is a lazy ass, whether they are in the office or at home. I think there are some positives of being in the office, but productivity isn’t one.

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Me too, my work life and at home life are 2 different things for a reason

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