Revealed: rightwing firm posed as leftist group on Facebook to divide Democrats

OMG!!! The right is starting to use the tactics of the left!


Facebook is TRASH


Fucking this, lol

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Oh, we’re doing spinning shit now?


Hoffman declined to answer detailed questions from the Guardian, including about the nature of Rally Forge’s relationship with Muhlstein. “The premise of your questions is either ill-informed or intentionally misleading,” he said in a statement. “Rally Forge is a marketing agency, not a compliance company. Furthermore, it is my understanding that the small handful of ads, totaling less than 2,500 dollars, which qualified as independent expenditures, have been fully disclosed by the responsible organization in coordination with the FEC.”

Seems like a whole bunch of made up shit by the Facebook police.

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I’m not surprised. This is a tactic that is as old as time and has been going on as long as there has been political parties. If you can divide your opposition, why wouldn’t you?

So you’re saying that hot chick I’ve been chatting with on AOL isn’t even a chick at all?!?

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no one side is more guilty of this, they both have done it for ages.

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