Revelation 8:11 - Rising Fukushima Radiation?

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And religious people wonder why we give them a hard time.

I'm not "religious" but I am a Christian. No, I expect the persecution to grow stronger as Christ approaches. It's to be expected as sin arises in the unbelievers.

Why is there this premise that unbelievers are sinners? Oh you don't believe in Christ, you must sin your ass off then!

The New Testament says that we are all born into sin ever since Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden by eating from the forbidden tree. Sin entered mankind and it's in all of us until we accept the freely given redemption through Christ Jesus. Christ died on a totally different tree(cross). He's already purchased everyone's salvation if they will receive it. It's a free gift.

lol, that’s how you get ya right there


when your religion tells you that a newborn baby is already a sinner, maybe you should rethink your position.