Revenge results?

please post

 Off the top of my head, so it may not be 100% accurate...

Bedard sub (RNC) round 2 over Georgianna (good first round)

Miller TKO round 3 over Pulsifer (Pulsifer was tough, but Micah eventually proved to be too much)

Garrison UD over Ott (Ott has some chin on him...good fight)

Debnar UD over Lima (Lima has some nice clinch work, Debnar some nice takedowns)

Rodrigues over Moore (headkick KO in a few seconds...crazy KO. Moore stayed down for a few min)

Luke UD over Kush (I am pretty was a good fight with some serious jiu jitsu from both guys)

Harvison sub round 1 (armbar) over Snow (Snow scored a takedown and Harvison through up a beautiful armbar)

Seger vs Peavler (I don't remember who won, but it was fast. A RNC I think but I could be totally wrong)

Johnson sub/tko over Williams (couldn't see what actually happened. It was fast and Johnson overwhelmed Williams. I think Williams broke his arm somehow, but I don't know if it was a sub or not)

Bruns TKO (cut) over Hathcock (fun fight to watch. A great way to open the night)

Overall the fights were action packed. Cole Miller was there signing autographs. Din Thomas was cornering his guy, all the top level GA mma fighters/trainers were there and Fred Ettish was cornering his guy!

 Bedard announced his retirement

...and OMA was there

Bedard Retirement = Bullshit (he just doesn't not know it).LOL

Especially when he finds out Cale is dating his daughter.LOL

Adam Singer

ttt for Olskool


 So how did Josh Puls. look Ecko?

 I gassed about midway through the second was not in shape due to coming of a knee injury, but that is still no excuse. It was a big fight offered with a little less than three weeks and I knew an opportunity like this might never come around again.  I felt I won the close first and then about the 8 minute mark I hit a wall. The ref asked me in the third when I got cut if I wanted to quit and I said F- that noise and tried to finish the fight the best I could. Micah was big and I was not prepared for his game plan I thought he would be trying to get it to the ground I was wrong. All in all a great learning experience I thank Micah and Brett the promoter for the opportunity and hope not to be a let down next time around.

TheeSenator -  So how did Josh Puls. look Ecko?

He looked really good in the first round, and then started to gas towards the end of the second. Given the time notice, the fact that Josh isn't a full time fighter and the level Micah is on, he was very impressive. 

Micah is a stud. 


I will kill kill kill Cale and Singer ur next. Rory will be out a fighter and a big brother. Cale watch out for the midget carrying a bat this week, dont worry u wont see it coming.



 Ott and I want to thank everyone involved w/the Revenge show.  GA was great and we would love to come back if they will have us.  The accomodations were top notch, the show venue was excellent in all ways, and the promotion was well run. 

We got the call last Wed. to come fight in Atlanta, and had to drive in fr KC.  Hell of a drive, 13 hrs down, almost 12 on the way back.  Beautiful country betw here and there, but I don't recommend it for pre fight. 

We knew Ethan Garrison was a tough guy because of his record and who he trains w/.  Anybody who trains w/their camp has to be taken seriously as a tough and skilled fighter.   He was every bit as good and tough as we thought, and we congratulate him and his camp on beating us.  They absolutely earned the UD and we have no complaints.  Before during and after the fight, Ethan and his camp were truly class acts. 

Ott is a better skilled fighter than he showed Sat. night.  A lot of the things we stress in the gym w/re to stand up we didn't execute.  Things like keeping the hands up, head movement, footwork, putting combos together we just didn't get done.  I think we put together a good fight plan in the time we had to prepare, but were not able to execute.    For some reason we just couldn't pull the trigger and get things going.  I hope Ott gets the chance to come back and prove that he is not only one of the toughest guys around, but also has an ever improving and evolving skill set. 





pete, I will get Jeff's ass too, Cale is first then the crazy cajun is next.

Oma was a cool dude and enjoyed meeting him. He is funny as hell.


Well said man. I look forward to seeing Ott on a future Brett Moses card. He definitely deserves to be brought back. Ethan doesn't post on here much, if at all, but I will pass along the kind words. Thank you.

Ott is a beast and it was fight of the night IMO, guy should be called the the " badger" tenacious w/no quit in him.

Great fight, thanks for a great performance both of you.


jeff bedard - Oma was a cool dude and enjoyed meeting him. He is funny as hell.

 Who was taller?

jeff bedard - Oma was a cool dude and enjoyed meeting him. He is funny as hell.

 Photo of the meeting