Reverse Seatbelt & the "False Choke"

This is one of my new positions for back control. The reverse seatbelt & the „False Choke“ is an awesome addition to the classical seatbelt back control game. With the reverse seatbelt, you have an extremely strong control position and a powerful choke with the „false“ arm, since it is not the classical RNC positioning. Give it a try, this position will surprise your opponent and once caught in the reverse seatbelt it is very hard for him to escape. If you like my video, please share my videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

The Bulldog Choke aka False Choke is a very effective way of getting a Submission from Turtle or Crucifix Position. In this clip I will show you the basic theory behind the Bulldog Choke and how to not only choke but also control people from this position. If you are looking for a different approach of choking this video is for you.:slight_smile:

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