review: Calisthenics Kingz - Above and Beyond the

Calisthenics Kingz - Above and Beyond the Bar

This review is going to be really quick. This DVD isn't a workout DVD or even an instructional DVD, it's an inspirational DVD. The running time is 33 minutes long and it's all urban beats and bodyweight/gymnastic training. It can also be looked at as a more exciting version of those DVDs which are encyclopedias of movements.

If I wouldn't have gotten this DVD so cheaply I would be unhappy with it, but I have to admit it's exciting to watch these people do their thing. The DVD showcases the entire spectrum of bodyweight moves: from wall push-ups to clapping handstand push-ups.

Having seen two of their DVDs now I have to say what they exhibit in terms of lower body training does not match up to their upper body training. Considering some of the crazy shit I've seen them do on Youtube (search for "Hannibal is king"), I would expect these mother-fuckers to be one-legged dunking basketballs left and right. For legs, in both DVDs, they display very common-sense training methods: squats, jump squats, plyometrics, step-ups and step-up variations, pistols, bounding for height/distance, burpees, lunges... nothing that embodies the HOLY SHIT! factor that they bring to the table with their upper body stunts.

ttt sounds like good stuff for a decent price