Review of Centerline Gym Training

First let me say thanks to Jerry and Crew for the training.

I just spent two days training at the Centerline Gym with the Jerry and one of his students Matt. Here is a little of what we covered. Pre contact, Crazy Monkey, Clinch, ground work and Knife defense.

Pre-contact was explained in great detail with something extra. Jerry teaches it in such away that you don't feel the need to buy Camouflage pants. This is straight talk that leaves you understanding the need for it with out the paranoid feelings.

Crazy Monkey had been a mystery to me until Jerry showed it to me. First Jerry went over the differences between western boxing and Crazy Monkey. In no time at all I was using the CM in sparring with one of Jerrys student Matt. Even though I had not trained in over a year and having terrible cardio, I could still hang
using CM.

The clinch was no mystery to because I have several SB tapes that show the Clinch. However, doing the clinch with someone experienced and alive makes you realized that this area needs to be training hands on. Jerrys knowledge made a huge difference in my performance in a short period of time.

Grappling is another area I have played with but never trained serious. Jerry went over several positions and the principles behind them. Teaching me sweeps and mount escapes. I am in no way an experience grappler but I do know whats important on the ground and walked away with several techniques I will work on.
Jerrys understanding of what works and don't on the ground is top notch.

Knife Defense is outstanding!!! Having seen dozens of knife defense techniques I can tell you Jerry blows 99% of them right out of the water. I was defending alive knife attacks from Matt in less then an hour of being shown them. I was lucky enough to get an advance look at some of the material Jerry will be shooting for his next tape and its great. Jerrys tape and the one he is now shooting should be standard issue for all
Material artist.

My advice to anyone is to hook up with Jerry if you can. Jerrys a really good guy with lots of experience and it shows. Sorry I could'nt give a much deeper review but I am short on time.


Jerry is a great guy and a very good coach. I'm not surprised you had a great session!

I've only had the opportunity to meet Jerry face 2 face in Montreal a couple of years ago but he's as 'real' as they come.

I did have the opportunity to see his Redline video on knife defense and have nothing but praise for the tactics taught and the training method demonstrated.

Hope to make it to Centerline myself one of these days!

Phil Hughes

Sounds good.

Great review, Jerry is an excellent Coach.

-Matt Thornton

That's cool yo.

Demi (I know all the slang) Barbito

Great review of training at Centerline Gym!

I agree that Jerry's Red Zone knife defense tape is one of the best out there, or at least the best one I've seen. The techniques are realistic and usable and trainable in a live environment.

you wrote:

"Pre-contact was explained in great detail with something extra. Jerry teaches it in such away that you don't feel the need to buy Camouflage pants. This is straight talk that leaves you understanding the need for it with out the paranoid feelings."

I think its sad that people here seem to feel the need to appologize or make disclaimers about learning self defense because of certain negative stereotypes, which may indeed be based on some people out there, but nevertheless dont represent the vast majority of people studying self defense.

To me it's as absurd as stating that you found a great MMA gym to train in, and what's even better is that no one there looks or acts like steroid users! By adding the unnecesary discalimer you are perpetuating the stereotype.

I usually like to train at gyms in which people look/act like steroid users. Or meth addicts. ONLY if they wear camaouflage. And drive big trucks.
-Matt W.

Thanks for the kind words Bryan. It was a pleasure meeting you and hope that you and your sister can come down in the near future. I feel very blessed to have a job that allows me to meet and train with cool people.


I don't think what Bryan had to say was absurd. Whether it is a majority or not, many RBSD instructors use faux military terminology and packaging in order to market to the scared child in people. This can clearly be seen in magazines and on the internet. These are the things and people which establish and perpetuate the stereotypes. It sounds like you agree that this is not always the case and I believe that it's good to make people aware that there is an alternative.

Thank you also for the kind words on the Red Zone program. We will be shooting the follow up to the first video this weekend. I'm very excited about this project.


Jerry rocks the house. Can't wait to see you in Portland bro.

Jerry is the man! Not only is he a good guy and a good fighter, he is always looking for a better way. You can't go wrong training with him.

Even if he does forget to let me know when he is doing a seminar or something special at his school! :) See you at the camp!



I can't wait either brother. Congrats again on your fight.


I need your contact info. The stuff I had doesn't work anymore. Guess I should get a website or something;) Looking forward to seeing you again.


Cecil at camp! . . . . .I will have to start seaching the old cd's for all Cramps songs to play non stop during workouts. . .

Jerry at camp!

I am bringing my guitar.

SWEET! This camp will ROCK in more ways than one now!

Jerry "TooHipGottaGo" Wetzel

Jerry's the man....besided I taught him everything he knows:)

Jokes aside, if you can train with him, then do won't regret it!


Rodney "Chico" King

My goal is to get Rodney to teach me everything HE knows.

Jerry "mojothief" Wetzel

"I will have to start searching the old cd's for all Cramps songs to play non-stop during workouts..."

That is all it will take to send me running for the nearest Mcdojo ! I might not learn anything there but at least I won't have to listen to The Cramps! ("dude, they're just like the Ramones"...sheesh..)

Actually, I'm bringing ear plugs and full cage headgear to Portland and I will put both on the second my plane touches down. And I will leave them on 24/7 until my flight leaves just to make sure not one note of that stuff leaks into my ears! :)

Jerry, I will e-mail you my contact info (phone # too) in the next day or so.



I'll be looking forward to that email. But,dude, the Cramps are NOTHING like the Ramones (and I like both).



I tried to e-mail you through the link on your website, but my wonderful computer can't do it. Can you post your e-mail here and I will then send you my info? Or e-mail me at

As far as the Cramps thing goes....lord don't I know it. That was paraphrasing someone we both know who's musical tastes are inversely proportional to his ability to kick my a*s (that is why he shall remain nameless in public. I figure that the beating that will surely follow won't be quite as bad that way :) ).


I look forward to training with you. I just started up Muay Thai again, and I need a lot of help on the stand-up training. I have been training the clinch with a Greco-Roman coach for the last year, so it will be cool to add some new toys to the clinch.