Review of Nino's new Instruc. DVD

Well I shelled out the $100 for the Nino DVD. The promoters claim that you are really getting three tapes of dvd's and they just put it one one so you're paying $33 per tape. There's some truth to that. In each of the three sections Nino shows you about 11 moves and explains, which is about what, for example, Marcio Feitosa did on one of his tapes.

Leaving money issues aside what about substance? I must say I was knocked out! There was some really great stuff each section.

My particular favorite was the escapes from side control. There was alot here including some really sneaky escapes and submissions.

The attacks from side mount were also great.

I can post more if anyone is interested.

Where did you get them?

please post more

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Stop teasing us! Please give us more info, especially on the omoplata instructional.



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Gi or no Gi?



The omoplata tape is excellent as Nino first covers the bacis three ways of obtaining the omplata position: two from closed guard and one from open guard involving a summersault to the omoplata.

NiNo then goes on to cover show all kinds of counters to defenses your opponent will try. Essentially the guys being omoplated will try to posture up and put you on your back. Nino then goes into a numer of ways to counter those moves. He shows several approaches, his favorites are to triangle the shoulder and then use his free leg to hook the neck or under the arm.

Nino then shows alot of work positions to try agains "very strong guys. Essentially he triangles the arm being omoplated and then reaches over the guy to shoulder lock the opposite arm. He also shows a way to get into a very neat crucifix from the omoplata. Some of the stuff, you have to see it to believe it. There's one where he's applying the omoplata and the straight arm bar on the oppsite arrm.

Nino then goes into some specialty moves the he's created like the gogoplata and variation of the gogoplata. He refers to the gogoplata as the most beautiful move in jiujitsu and one from which there is no escape.

On the side mount escape chapter Nino starts off with the standard escape (get the hips out and turn to belly). Then he gets more and more exotic until we come to moves that Nino created. I'm dying to try these. Bascially, you try to put an arm between you opponents arm and his head and you the grip your pants. Nino says that for the guy on top, he's in a very bad state. Nino then proceeds to show several shoulder locks and straight armbars from this position.

The attachs from side control are also very cool. Again, a number of moves NiNo has created. For example alot of guys teach going to the mount by trying to be get your leg over or through your opponents legs. Nino takes a completel different approach by sweeping your food over the guys head.

There's a lot here.

Nino's the man

Great review! I'm very tempted to drop $100 on this one.

For someone who already has the Omo plata Dynamic Guard from GrappleArts would it be worth while to get Nino's DVD??? Th reason I ask the fisrt chapter is about the Omo plata would be too much overlap?????

I was wondering that too. How much overlap?

And thanks for the review Vito.

I haven't seen the other omoplata series so I can't give you a direct answer. Also, you cannot just order the Nino omoplata series, it comes on the same dvd as the escape from side mount and attacks from side mount.

Probably the one thing not on the other series is the gogoplata stuff, which is supposedly Nino's creation.

All right let me ask a stupid question why? because I am stupid...what is a gogoplata???Like I said before I have the Omo Plata set from GrappleArts so I know the omo plata really well...gogoplata I haven't a clue

No offense to the guys who put this together, but here is a site with a rather ugly gogoplata:

Basically the gogoplata happens when you do an omoplata and your opponent rears up to put you on your back. You snake your ankle underneath his chin and grab your foot and choke the guy. Nino shows some variations of this move.