Review of Sanda Training DVD

OK i know Sifu Ross (Refered to as S.R from here on in) seems like a difficult person online, his persona carries somewhat onto the DVD but you can obviously see he is just being funny and is taken way too seriously here.

Anyways onto the review. I received it this morning along with the Pete Sugarfoot Cunningham DVD (which i'll get onto later, piece of buttrag)

The DVD is a seminar in his gym and runs almost two hours. It covers punching and clinching as well as throwing from his Sanda system (read Kung fu done realistically)

Now in my opinion this is the perfect crosstraining for a BJJ guy. It is integrated Kickboxing and wrestling and the seminar shows an integration of strikes from the beggining both in closing the distance and in the clinch.

Now people may be disapointed because he doesnt show some magic answer in how to clinch however i feel that the only real way to learn it is to actually spar it and learn more boxing which is basically what S.R says in his long introduction (which IMO was one of the best parts of the DVD)

The DVD starts with Boxing drills and moves onto dividing the clinch up into two parts: Body and neck tie.

From there he discusses the transitions between the two as well as the options there such as knees and throws and then counters to each position.

I found it interesting to hear where they came from (ie which form etc) although i have never been a kung fu guy it was interesting.

Most of the techniques are proven in both SanDa and MMA and there is nothing exactly NEW, just a different perspective. However this is from the perspective of someone who wrestled, did judo and competed MMA and is a massive fan/student of the sport. However think about this: You can buy instructionals from Randy or Tito or Vitor. However the problem is they arent integrated. They are either pure wrestling or clinching or Boxing. They dont cover the actual transitions as a science. This DVD does.

That said i still learnt alot of very important little points especially with regards to the integration with striking and the way it gave a GAME as opposed to just some moves.

There is ALOT of material on here and the best thing i would say is that it is presented in logical order and is the perfect compliment to anybody who does BJJ. Bear in mind that some of the positions end in headlock which is a no no in BJJ or MMA for most people but they can be easily adjusted.

As S.R says in the DVD if our a TKD club and u dont like kicking your in trouble. If your in a boxing gym and u dont like punching...your in trouble. Same goes for Judo etc. In an integrated art you will gravitate towards your game whether it be a thrower or a striker. I agree and think this is a great great point.

Pros of this DVD:

-This material isnt covered in an integrated manner anywhere else.
- Everything in here is high percentage and solid.
- It runs almost 2 hours.
- Menu system is clear and detailed
- Some original techniques (throws, approaches, strategies) that havent been on DVD's before.
-The Instruction is clear and concise.

-If you have no striking background you may struggle a little as STRIKING isnt covered in detail.
-You may feel uncomfortable learning "kung fu" (I had my doubts but this DVD is very good)
- Could have covered striking transitions a bit more.

Overall :

4/5 Fists of Fury. Get this DVD now!

Cant wait to get the next ones, will review them. May be some time as i am a broke ass student but i'll get them eventually.

Nice review!

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LOL sorry guys.
Check my website if u want its . I have NO association with Sifu Ross and furthermore i live in australia.

Thanks for an honest and unbiased review.

I appreciate any constructive advice... I know that we covered a lot, but didn't cover everything obviously :)

Interesting comment about the head lock... maybe next DVD or so we should explain some of that!

Anyway, if you are interested, this DVD and the other two are available at

Lkfmdc i would think selling them in a set (the camp ones) would be better so people dont have to buy them seperately. Just my 2 cents.

Actually, I offered them as a set here for members, at a discount, I sold so many it drove me mad :)

Give me a few weeks and I'll offer the special again...


Hey Lemon, you're still a student? What the hell are you studying? ;o)

Hey Sothy!

Studying film! Was doing chiropractics for 4.5 years but i knew i had to do i'm doing it.

Whats going on with u?

"at a discunt"

Bwahhahahah @ the typo

This is a tremendous DVD! I owe all a review, too. I am just a day late immediately, but I will complete it.

Neckcranku, if you hadn't done that no one would have noticed :) ;)

Anyway, I'll offer the two combat sports camp DVD's as a package with a discount later this month.

Lemon made me realize I didn't explain a few points about the head lock,,,, man I'm upset!!!!

Later this month?

awww i just robbed a bank.

Anyways great dvd, i've watched it twice already, gonna watch it later on again...good stuff.

Things i'd like to see ( i know your not santa lkfmdc!!!).

1) More on entries into clinch( this was great i just want more :P)

2) similar to point one but setups from strikes with more specifgic details. Eg most MMA fighters think that jab drop and double is the only way to close the distance.

3) UMM thats it, great set loL!

Hate to do this to you Lemon, after the great review of the first DVD and all, but there are more entries to the clinch/takedown on the combat sports camp DVD...

We show slipping punches into takedowns (ie takedown vs the punch)

We show how to set up takedowns with punches, specifically the hook and the over hand

There is a discussion on the proper way to catch a round kick and set up a throw on the second disc

I know, I"m a tease :)

As soon as I can, I will offer a special here, promise

OK, you talked me into it....

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cant wait.

I'll send it out real quick :)