Review: Renzo/Kukuk DVD

It may have taken me 10 years to do this review, but it's done!

To see a review of the Renzo/Kukuk DVD that used to be the number one tape set, head to my site at:

Bill Lewis

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Hi Mr. Lewis
I'm a Big fan but first time caller. Do you have any plans to review the Marcello Gracia, Leo Vieira and Matt Thornton series?


I have looked at the Garcia DVD. I am not done yet. I am really impressed with what I saw. If he keeps up what I saw, the set he might give Sperry a run for his money.

I am also working on doing a review of Rolyer Sub. Grappling book. This too might be a new winner for the book Sub. Grappling book catagory.

Bill Lewis

Bill Lewis's Grappling Video Reviews

Thanks for the reply, Mr. Lewis

You're a class act!

Keep up the good work!


Bill - I enjoy most of your reviews, but would also enjoy seeing a wider range of publishers covered (Island, bjjtapes, Harris, Grapplingarts, etc.) Any plans to diversify?


rene.r,what a nice and great idea.I really wonder if Paul has the time.


PV as anonymous poster#1 (with 2 posts): Hey, are the *** tapes any good?

PV as anonymous poster#2 (with 3 posts): They are awesome, check out the review on BL's website.

Hater: Oh yeah? BL is actually PV posting to sell tapes. Boycott PV even if the tapes are great.

PV as himself: That is not me! He doesn't even type like me.

PV as BL: Yeah, that's not me. I mean..yeah that is me, BL that is.

PV as himself: I am not PV. Oh wait! Yeas I am. I mean BL is not me.

PV as BL: Yes I am! I mean no, I am not him but he is me or...

Just kidding guys.

FJJ828,thats some funny shit.


Bill "It's me" Lewis

I know this has been beaten to death. But you seem to mainly review the tapes from WMA. Rarely do you do anything else. Now you're doing a whole bunch of reviews and they are all ultimateimport stuff. No islands? Bjjtapes? CenturyVideos? StraightBlastGym? No Rodrigo Modeiros, Chris Brennan, or Randy's stuff?

Perhaps you are just a tape reviewer and not Paul Viele, but some of your reviews are highly suspicious. Particularly the one about Mike Jen's. You started getting into what he was wearing in the ads.

Bill Lewis did review Bob Bass/Rick Williams series which are produced by SBG and gave them a good review.

Here is my Joan Rivers guide to instructional tape fashion. What people wear on the tapes makes a difference. In Jen's situation, it was more of a misleading advertisement (He still hasn't fixed his www site). Mike Jen was not the first fashion faux pas I have written about. I have commented on instructors clothing all the way back to the Muniz review. Here is what I wrote:

"The strangest thing about the tape is that it claims to be teaching street fighting. This usually, in my mind, means mostly no Gi fighting. Munizs a partner wears a vest during the shoot which allows for all the Gi type chokes. I generally dont hangout at Country Western bars (btw, country and western are my two least favorite types of music) and cant rely my opponents wearing a leather vest. In the end, this is a street fighting tape that requires your opponent to wear a Gi. This might be OK for those who plan to pick fights outside Judo tournaments. Even Marco Lalas Judo choke tape did several no Gi chokes using an ordinary T-shirt."

One of the biggest complaints about what people wear on tapes has to do with when they wear matching outfits. Wearing the same thing as someone else on the red carpet of the Oscars is as big a fashion tragedy as it is on an instructional tapes. It really helps if the instructor and his partner wear different things that contrast. When the bodies, legs and arms are tangled together, it really helps to sort things out if you can tell the two people apart.

And of course, you know to never wear white after labor day and never use wire hangers.

Bill Lewis


Im proud to say that years back when I did the video that Bill Lewis trashed to near death, Oleg's first video, I had the brilliant idea to wear all black and have him in all white.

Yes, I am an innovator.