Review Steve Whittier Seminar

I just wanted to thank Steve for taking the time to do a workshop here in Albany, NY.

Tons of fun even when he was introducing me to the "HEART ATTACK" and "SHOULDER OF JUSTICE".

Great workshop on guard passing strategies based around 3 basic concepts that are pervasive in all guard passes. The Barrell, Pike and rudder tied in with the Fundamental 5 of passing. It really helped simplfied my game as I could see where I have been having challenges with certain passes.

The guys really got to see the value of the I-method and how these 3 concepts could be easily adapted to their games and guard passing.

He finsihed off with some top game and introduced the shoulder of justice and flowed into a nice po-mission with the heart attack.

We then went knee on stomach and tightened up our near side armbar and as they counterd went into the baseball bat choke.

It was great to meet Rich and his student Pat who made the drive all the way from Canada.

We had new white belts to blues that left with an appreciation for the I-method and how easily it improved there skill sets and performance.

Great training experience can't wait until the next one.



Sounds fun!