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Hey there,

my sister-in-law wants to put her kid in the karate program at this schools:

She wants to know my opnion on the schools, but I never heard of them or their instructors.

The website (text and videos in it) feels super commercial.
The head instructor has created his own 'flavor' of jiu-jitsu mixing BJJ and traditional jiu-jitsu and called 6th gear jiu-jitsu. Personally I don't like that. Teels me he wasn't able to get a legit BJJ BB so he created his own thing so he can wear a BB during class.

Anyhow, what matter is that the karate kids program is good.

If you know the place please let me know if it is any good. Thank you

Felipe my opinion :)

btw...I believe they have carlos newton teach at the place.... im not exactly sure though...check it out anyways

edit: Joel Gerson also beat Rumina Sato via armbar.... but that was back in 1998.

Hi felipeheidrich,

I think Rev is an excellent choice for your sister in law. I've personally seen Joel teach kids for many years and he's excellent by my snobby standards. Honestly he's great.

I know his new school is supposed to be really something.

I have over 350 kids in my MMA programs at Warrior in Newmarket and I'm often in your shoes. Parents of my students ask me for recommendations about good schools in other areas for a relative's kids.

I usually point them 4 places depending where they are in the city. Bruckman's MMA, REV MMA, Omar's or Toronto BJJ.
Those are the other schools I've seen do a good job with kids so far in MMA.

Terry Riggs

Hope that helps.

Thank you for the replies
I'll forward her the information in here.

Let us know how she thinks of the place!