Revive BamaMMA

let's get the other non-censored forum going. I am doing my best to make sure it does not go the way of the XFL.

Let's get some good posts and threads over there and keep both these boards poppin yo!


hey, what's the link? I know it's not just I used to type in "b" and it would come up on my memory, but I guess it's been too long and now I'm lost

oh yeah, I will be on there this weekend and next to give exclusive LEGEND thoughts and predictions beforehand if a fight card is lined up or emailed to me on both events, which if i have time includes the third event of Cung Le vs Frank Shamrock on this little SHowtime promotion in Cali called Strikeforce?.

check ou Pep postin in da early mohnin hours with strangle! day starts at about 2:30am and doesn't end until I put the kids to bed at 8pm

That explains alot... (sorry I'm late).

wow! a zinger fired like 2 hours late! Congratulations. It does explain a lot. It explains how I can work a 10 hour day, have my kids home with me instead of in daycare by the time lunch time comes around, do the dishes, clean the house, do laundry, cook dinner and still have enough time to sharpen my BJJ skills enough to choke you out!


Dang Seth, you one busy mofo!

I posted some new stuff over at that other forum

sweet, thanks!