Revoke the green

Ok, from everything I have read, I think it's time this happened. This is an online petition to revoke NativeAmericanAssasin's green name until he proves (by actually fighting in a professional MMA event) that he deserves it. Please, no name calling or opinions, just sound off. I don't want this to get deleted and I want the collective will of the forum to be known. Let it begin...

lol @ "hard-earned status"
ok buddy...I respect your opinion, now take a pill.

thanks...sunday, bored, might as well stir up some shit and see what floats...

well, there are green names on here that i haven't heard of. Shall we make them prove it as well or just those fighters that are not like us.

I don't care about colors!  I am colorblind!


Jack the green

The saddest thing about this thread is anyone caring what color your name is.

Green,black,blue,or red, I treat everybody the same here.

Krull is a Pro Fighter. He has fought pro as a boxer many times. He may be a loud mouth at times, but he has fought before.

I'm still open to fighting him in a pro ISKA kickboxing match.

Krull earned his green, like him or not.