Revolution Dojo KICK A$$ REVIEW!!!

Well, the long awaited grand opening of the Revolution Dojo which is run by Yves Edwards, "Crazy" Tim Credeur, Jeff Messina, and Anthony "AJ" Johnson took place yesterday and was a HUGE SUCCESS!!! There was around 100 people on hand and free food and drinks for everyone. Music was being played throughout the gym and it was just a really fun atmosphere. After about 30 minutes of hanging out chief jiu-jitsu coach "Crazy" Tim and assn. jiu-jitsu instructor Jeff Messina made a speech.They told everyone thanks for coming out and then gave a rundown of what the classes would be like at the Revolution Dojo.

Tim and Jeff went through a rundown of what the basic and advanced jiu-jitsu courses demonstrating basic and advanced jiu-jitsu and judo techniques. Then the Sofa King and his fiance Tanya demonstrated to the roaring crowd what the muay-thai class would be like. After that Yves' boxing coach Lewis Wood came down and talked about boxing then held the pads for Yves for a round. After this occured Yves and Tim went over what the Thugjitsu/MMA portion of classes would be like.

After this occured is where the real fun began!!! Everyone took a spot on the mats and got their roll on for what seemed like an eternity. The rolling was kick ass, especially seeing all the new faces rolling with the other new faces because Yves' and Tim's gym have now been combined to make 1 super gym. After that we tried to develop a Madden 05 tournament but due to everyone being scared of my skills only world renowned Madden competitor Johnathan Ivey who goes by Pinkyring on the forums dared to challenge me. Well after a grueling game which featured a dramatic moment of me stopping Pinkyring on the 1 yard line on 4th and goal in the first half and me making his kicker look like the Jets kicker missing two field goals, the game ended 0-0 in regulation. We went to overtime despite me having the odds stacked against me the whole game one more snag wouldn't hurt, his Patriots got the ball first in OT which meant my Eagles would have to muster up some courage and stop the evil dynasty. Well, I made him go for it on 4th and 4 like an idiot and stopped him like an Yves Edwards flying black pantherman kick would. I then marched the ball down to the 20 and taught him how to kick a field goal which led to me winning the game 3-0 in OT against the greatest Madden player of all time (Self titled of course). He dominated possession 16:00 to 4:00 but my Defense came up when it counted.

All in all this grand opening just shows the beginning of greatness that will take over this gym. Believe me, you will be hearing great things from this gym. Also, in conclusion, I am officially the greatest Madden Player that ever lived.

ttt nigga

AWESOME NEWS! Tell Tim I said Huge Congrats on the new place! He and Yves kick serious ass...

Chris Cowboy
BJJ Revolution Team - San Diego

I will tell him and yes they do kick some serious ass!!!