Revolution Fighting Championship

Does anyone have the video from this event from October of 2002?


I would like a copy also. Let me know if you track it down.

TTT for Travis

That scumbag is long gone from MMA... leaving behind unpaid bills. He went on to do the same thing in boxing, leaving Christy Martin unpaid.

I was going to say....Video?

Did he ever pay everyone?

I got paid that night, and had an ILL fight with Emsinger.. if you get the Vid, I'd appreciate it...


I think everyone is looking for this video

miller hit a nice triangle, then as dude is busy not tapping, miller is punching him in the face yelling "go to sleep" lolo, so dude passes out and laimon stops it.

and Travis hits a great guillitine on Alfie, poor Alfie was purple before he tapped, he had a headache for 3 days. Alfie told me he fucked up by not diving over the top rope with you to get the break, crazy little fucker.

wait....your talking about the vegas show right? there were definately camera's there....