Reward Credit Cards...Miles or Cash Back ???

Are reward credit cards worth it?

I know that the interest rate is HIGHER, so you better pay off the balance off every month.

Cash back cards offer 1.5% back, so if you charge and pay off $1000 / month, you earn $15.00. Not much.

Travel miles offer what seems like alot, but each "mile" is worth .01 cent, towards travel.

Do any of you guys have a rewsrds card, and if so, which one.

Right now my CC'so are 7.9% and it is peace of mind to know the rate is low.

What church say, worth it or not?

If you work the systems right, both can be very beneficial.  The miles/points cards will get you more value if you play the award travel game correctly (I used 90k miles before for a 13k flight in Etihad's 1st Apartment Suite for example).

Amex, blue cash preferred, is the best for me. There is blue cash with no annual fee or blue cash preferred with a small fee. The cash back is like double so the fee is a no brainer.
I think I get like 6% back from grocery store and it might be 3% for gas.
It's the best cash back card I know of.

What is the fastest way to earn?
I am just talking about paying on the card, things I would pay cash for, or use a debt card for.
Utilities, groceries, gas, misc. items, etc.

The interest rate alone would nullify any rewards, if the balance isn't paid in full.