rewatched Crunkilton vs Franca

Man that was a good fight.

Crunkilton needs another chance in the UFC.

Can he be subbed? He appears to be made of rubber!

He took some solid punches as well.

-great scramble

-got to his feet without ref assistance

-kept fighting the entire time, even when fatigued

Talk about a great showing, even in defeat.

With the experience of having been in the octagon once already, he could that much better next time.

good fight, possibly might've been the fight between the #1 & #2 guy

Crunk was doing very well the first two rounds. But it was clear that Herems was the more conditioned fighter. Best fight of the night. UFC really needs him back in the LW division though.

Crunkilton is so overlooked it aint funny.

I think he has the best throws in the game, and he performs at a furious pace always putting the pressure on.

He should have been brought back ASAP...he gave a top five lightweight one hell of a fight.

He needs to come on here and update us on his situation.

I was getting to be friends with Crunk in the last bit of 2003, he's
quite a character. Unfortunately I think his in-ring career may be
over due to a training injury.

Sucks because I miss hanging out with him here in California, and
he had so much potential as a fighter.

I saw him at Brennan's tournament shortly after the Franca fight. He had some pretty slick judo moves.

I am a fan of both of the fighters, I recently rewatched Rich's fight with Bao. The throw that he hit in that fight was pretty sick.

Whenever you see a match that features Arm Bars, Knee Bars, an Ankle Lock, Omoplatas, a Rear Naked Choke, Triangle Chokes and a Kimura (and still goes the distance) you know it was an excellent match!

Crunk's fights that I have seen our great. If he is healty or gets healthy he should be back in a big show.

why hasnt he fought in a while

I haven't talked to Crunk in a little while. I really, really hope it's
not the case he's retired, but last time I heard that seemed to be
the case because of a serious injury. Tons of skills, tons of
potential. Plus I miss his bubbly personality.

Just goes to show how tough it is to make a living as a fighter.

A true badass. He was not accepting defeat that night.

Rich is a future champion... I think he has some of the best skills I have ever seen. And wanna talk about warrior's heart.

I thought Clete was opening a school in Florida. Does
anyone know how that is going for him?

The #1 and the #2 guy? wtf, I think all of you beeches are forgeting about the real #1 guy knocking out teeth and putting folks to sleep, Yves Edwards. I truly believe that no lightweight can finish him. Maybe he can be outdecisioned, but he cant be finished. Watch out for the gold around his waist soon.

"I truly believe that no lightweight can finish him. Maybe he can be outdecisioned, but he cant be finished."

He's been finished by Fabiano Iha, Nate Marquadt, and Rumina Sato, all by submission.

Rich is an animal.

He's young but you can just SEE the potential.

It would be very sad if he didn't get another chance at the big-time.

Hey guys whats up
I was on my way back after my elbow injury
from the Franca fight, then just as I was almost
100% i had another injury to my knee. A couple
torn ligaments. Its been a couple months now and i'm
about 2 weeks back into training. I can't wait to get back and fight again.
Thanks for asking

Clete-Good luck with the recovery. Watching you fight for the 1st time was an eye-opener, man you just keep going. I love the throws and your all around skills. Just wanted to wish you well and let you know that fans appreciate the exciting style of fighting that you bring to the table.

You're training again? Good to hear it! You should get your ass
back to Cali -you haven't seen the new place and we had a hell of
a prty here this weekend.