Rewatched Quinton V Chuck

That fight was awesome. The night I saw it I was disappointed in Chuck and did not really notice what a good fight it was.

It was weird to hear Bas and the other guy talk about how slow paced the match was. I thought it had a lot of action and a LOT of bombs being thrown. Both guys showed a lot of heart and toughness.

Chuck and Q definitely have 2 of the best chins in the game.

Its still pretty impressive to see Rampage improve his boxing (and overall MMA game so dam fast) to have outboxed Chuck Liddel but ya, i think we're not giving Chuck enough credit for a good throw down and taking shots on both sides.

This rematch would really be interesting, no?

I would love to see a rematch as Chuck seems to have worked a few things out in his game. I seriously doubt it will happen though since Pride has given the UFC the old screwdgy on fighter trading.

After seeing Chuck v Tito I gotta believe that the rematch with Couture will be an awesome fight. I think Randy will win again but it will be a much more competetive fight.

This fight also leads me to believe that Arona has no chance of beating Q.

Actually Bas disagrees with the other two announcers and states that he thinks its a high pace and "one of his top fights ever", I'm paraphrazing, but he was a big fan of of that fight.

Great fight, you could hear the leather landing from both guys.

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At the end Bas does say it's in his top 3 but throughout the 1st round all three are talking about how they are feeling each other out in a slow paced match.

Dammit Yelm, I need to watch it again now.

I thought it was a great fight, Rampage looked tough and Chuck ran out of gas. Most of these guys fight hurt anyway...I would like to see this re-match happen in the UFC.

I noticed that too PS. They weren't being horribly biased (like when Coleman guest commentated on the Nog Ricco fight) but when there was an exchange they would really emphasize what Quinton did. They almost never mention the shots that Chuck landed. Both looked winded yet they only talk about Chuck's condition.

thats cos quinton won

It sounded like a 1 sided beatdown because Q won? Up until the end it was pretty much anybodies fight.

Just watched it again.

Bas never once comments that the fight is slow paced or lacks action.

Bas is also very even in his assesment of the fight.

"It sounded like a 1 sided beatdown because Q won? Up until the end it was pretty much anybodies fight"

Thats true to an extent. Chuck can end the fight anytime, but as the fight went on Jackson really started to impose his will and started to take Chuck apart.

And one more thing, Dana gets more and more annoying the more times i see this fight.

Great fight once again.,

He never makes the comment but he does say they are respecting each other which led me to believe he was in agreement as to the slow pace which was being discussed wheb he made that comment.

Like I said until the end of the fight it was anybody's fight. Meaning that at the end when Q took over and imposed his will the fight was no longer anyones fight.

But it was a great fight.

I don't think it was even close...............

Rampage CRUSHED him!

At the end, yes. The first round was a back and forth war. Rewatch it then come back to the discussion SG.

Anyone else notice when Rampage was entering the ring to fight Silva he could barely lift his arms up and looked like he was ready to fall down. I would like to see him fight Silva again as well.

I agree that even though Q's fight did not go the distance it was a much tougher and fast paced fight. I want to see him crush Arona then fight Silva. I think Silva will win. Q should not have to fight a #1 contender match up, he already did when he fought Randleman.

I thought Rampage won a close first round and really took it to Chuck in the second.

Yelm, It was a close good fight. But 5min in to it, if i was forced to bet everything i own on the fight, i would have bet on Jackson without hesitation.

This was definately a good fight. Like you guys have said they were trading big time shots throughout the 1st round. Rampage and Chuck are 2 very tough fighters, and I definately think Rampage had the tougher fight even though it did not go the distance.

Supersonic is right; Perry commented on the slow pace of the fight and Dana agreed. Bas then said "I have to disagree, I think this is a very high pace, these guys are throwing nothing but KO punches".

I also agree that Rampage had a tougher fight than Silva, though by no means does that mean a rematch would turn out differently (though personally I think it would).

I understand that a 20 minute grappling match can be much more tiring than a 15-16 minute stand-up fight; but I also understand that a couple hours of rest, fluids, and massage will go further toward re-energizing a "just plain tired" fighter than one who has taken some of the best shots of one of the hardest hitters at LHW.