Rewatched Silva X Rampage 2...

Here's what I thought, I've watched it about 6 times now, here's what
I've noticed:

Rampage was able to neutralize most of Silva's punches. The thing I've
noticed about Rampage is that he has a very crisp, sharp punch
defense, especially when they are aimed to the head. The problem
though, is that it didn't seem like he was comfortable with throwing
counter combos. It didn't really seem to matter that Rampage couldn't
piece together 4-6 hit combos or throw a flurry like Silva, it's just that
when he blocked, he blocked, and then waited to lead rather than
counter. I doubt many in the ring would want to try and have a war
with silva like that, but don't let him get away with throwing away
strikes like that without punishing him for it, IMHO.

Rampage had Silva on take downs. I think they went to the ground
three times, and it was all Rampage that initiated the throws. In the
second round, Silva tried to initiate a throw, but Rampage, very deftly
made a reversal. I've always been blinded with the Greatest Show On
Earth that is Rampage, but man, he's got his details down.

I do think his conditioning played an issue in the fight. Even before
Wanderlei went in for the Kill at the end of Round 2, Rampage looked
like he was mildly to moderately gassed, even without comparason to
Silva's state. GroundN'Pound takes it out of you, let's face it. But I
hope he commits himself to more cardiovascular endurance cultivation
in the future. It makes all the difference. I don't think it could have
made a difference with Silva's knees, but he might have been able to
control the pace in the second round like he did in the first round.

There's a little more to say, but please, god, don't call me a Rampage
hater. I was so excited to see him fight, and I think there were points
that he was dominant, but I feel like he was over-cautious. I'm
guessing pretty much that you have to be cautious with a striker/
murderer like Silva. These are just my observations.

On another note, Rampage's entrance was nothing short of
Presidential. He was so calm, shook fan's hands, and was cocky and
witty in his corner. The talking on the cellphone bit was amazing, even
cooler, he was chatting with his son. Also the way he met Silva in the
center of the ring by moseying on in with a smug smile on his face was
astounding, he knew he could match Silva, and he wasn't afraid of him.

The awesome thing about this fight was a) the fight. b) Rampage can
hurt and stun Silva, then own and control him, but most importantly c)
Rampage has more room to grow. I hope that he calms down all the
naysayers and fucks up Arona again, also, man, Sperry was just
criticising Rampage the whole fight, there is nothing I heard that
sounded positive about Rampage the whole fight. I hope he fucks up
Sperry too. Man I hope he fucks everyone up, I hope he triple fucks up
Silva in the rematch. But I'd like to see him refine himself for a few
fights and really fix whatever mistakes he saw from his game in the
last fight. But please, lets discuss this fight and these two fighters in



sounds like KKM is in love

Daren is correct.

No need for a rematch. Silva knocked the crap out of Jackson two fights in a row.

Memnock I agree, I think he was too respectful. But I'm not in
agreement with GT99. I think if Rampage is a journeyman for a
handful of fights, maybe even fights a bit more in K-1 (That would
refine his striking in a hurry, no?), then he could come at Silva with a
better mousetrap, a mousetrap, IMHO, that could have won that night,
if, as Memnock said, wasn't over-respectful, or over-cautious with
Silva. But alot was on the line, no matter how much of a kook you are
as a fighter (Joe Son comes to mind), if you step in the ring, any
decision is made with the Best Reasoning they have at that moment.

I don't think silva lost the first round

he was getting beat near the end of the round, sure, but he dominated the entire round besides the end

i'd say qj won r1. but why argue since it doesnt matter

I've watched the fight 3 times and find myself most impressed with Silva over Rampage even in round one.

Silva seemed crisper, more agressive in his strikes, did land some effective stuff, and neutralized Jackson from the Guard. Jackson certainly owned the last minute or so. But for the most part, given that I figured Jackson was going to win, going in, I was amazed at what Jackson wasn't doing. Silva generally did a good job in the clinches to avoiding take downs.

Maybe I was expecting too much of Jackson or something. He was good - it wouldn't have been a great fight if he wasn't. But it seemed Silva who generally pressed the fight.


Did you notice that right before the end of round 1 when Jackson went to punch Silva and as he moved, he struck Silva in the neck.. dayum..

I was never a fan of Rampage's old gimmick. But he's such a remarkable student of the game that his skills cannot be questioned.

QJ was bleeding and looked beat up after R1 while Silva had no marks. In R2 J looked dead while Silva still had no marks...

Silva broke QJs face 2x