Rewatched The Matrix trilogy. It holds up.

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Also - has anyone ever watched the Animatrix shorts? As much as I like the Matrix, I don't think I ever have.

IIRC, the kid that greets everyone after they rerturn to Zion in the beginning of the second movie is someone Neo frees in one of the Animatrix cartoons. I could be wrong, though.

I watched them when they were released ... they’re weird little vignettes. One or two were really good. They take place in the same universe but I don’t recall them being tied to the movies at all, but that was 15-20 years ago I guess. Lol

Yeah that kid is tied to the animated series

If you skip 2 and 3 you miss out on valuable Monica Belucci latex action. 

Just rewatched the kid scene. He pulled himself out through Self-substantiation. The act of a bluepill becoming aware of and/or escaping from the Matrix, without any external help or means.


No it doesn't....

I thought the second one was going to be really good and it absolutely sucked... Few cool things, the twins, but other than that, it sucked donkey dick... Okay, well maybe the second one just played with the tip and balls...

The third one definitely sucked donkey dick... It sucked dick so hard that it made a trifle out of donkey yogurt....

They should've wrapped it up in #2 which imo was really good. 1 is a near masterpiece albeit the Wankowski sisters "borrowed" most of the flick from many scifi movies. I look at it like an ode to the imo.

I did like mouse and the general of the resistance cyborg suited army. Reload!

The Matrix is an alltime />
2 had potential.

3? Ugh.

I was so hyped for Reloaded. Saw the midnight screening with my buddy in college. God it was shit.

First, they lazily disregard the ending of the original where Neo becomes a god so they can go back to having kung fu fights. Then, they just fill the movie with a bunch of meaningless set pieces with silly characters of no importance, not to mention the ridiculous 10 minute cringefest rave scene. Then, they plan a heist and pretty much fast forward right past its actual execution. Then, a new character shows up in the 3rd act to explain the plot to the audience.

A few cool action scenes aside, it's a total piece of shit. I remember a handful of people in the theater clapping when it was over. Mind-boggling.

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2 was cool until "i love you too damn much." i was completely over it at that point. youre the one. reach into her code and wipe out the bullet damage. it doesnt even exist anyway. fucking idiots.

2 and 3 is basically one long movie. It was all shot at the same time, then released as two movies.

I liked all 3 but 1 is  by far the best. 

Monica Bellucci cleavage was good.

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Matrix is one of my favorite universes. I enjoy all three movies, though I understand why people dislike 2 & 3. The freeway scene from 2 is worth the price of admission, IMO.

The first movie had an outsanding soundtrack.

Kinda nuts that BOTH Wachowskis are now chicks.

I'm interested AF to see what they're doing with Matrix 4, and how Trinity is brought back. Are they still set to release that and John Wick 4 on the same weekend, or did covid fuck that up?

As an aside, I would never ask for anything in the world of geekdom ever again if they do end up giving us a crossover or showing that John Wick IS indeed Neo.

And this is how I know the 3rd wasn't good, I read your post and was like "Wait fucking Trinity died?"

Reloaded was one of only two movies I’ve ever walked out of. Never saw 3

First one is a masterpiece 

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1 is awesome. 2 and 3 are forgettable. Actually the 20 minute dance sequence is the only thing I remember.

This, if by 20 minute dance sequence you mean when neo fights the matrix like they're dragon ball z.

The second and third ones were bad

First one is great.

The problem is they didnt plan on a sequel

The message at the end of 1 was that in the matrix neo was god. He didnt stop bullets because he could stop bullets, he stopped them because he could do anything he wanted.

Then they realized that would be too easy or something so he could still stop bullets but you could still punch him or something...

I remember being so excited to see part 2 and being so disappointed, it was dog shit for the most part and the 3rd was worse.

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