Rey Diego vs. Rod. Medeiros DVDs?

I know little about open guard, and recently was shown some De
La Riva guard moves for the first time, and really enjoyed that in
particular. I am planning to buy some instructionals from Island,
and saw that both Diego and Medeiros offer tapes in this area --
is there much overlap between them? If so, which is better? Or is it
worth owning both?

Rey's video just covers the De La Riva guard. Rodrigo's video covers a variety of different open guard positions. Rodrigo's videos do touch on a little of the De La Riva guard, but does not go into as much detail as Rey's. It is worth getting both.

This brings up a positive point about Island - it is actually possible to buy a single tape/DVD and not feel you're getting screwed! You can but 6 DVDs for under $100 or pick and choose for $16.95.

Haven't got any myself yet (still got a yard high stack of Bolo's tapes to get through), but the William's Judo and Medeiros sets are looking appealing.

Both are great. Not really any overlap. I'd get both.

I've ordered a couple of Rod. Medeiros dvds and I'm quite happy with them. They are literally stuffed with technique. I'm dizzy from watching the open guard one.

I don't know what he's like in person, but the Medeiros ones made me wish I could have him as an instructor for a while.

Is Rodrigo's tape good for guys who don't have much experience
with open guard? I'm leaning towards getting both.

I've seen both, and they are both awesome. Considering the price, you cant go wrong picking up both sets.

I have Rodrigo's set...and its quite good. just ordered Rey's DLR tape....can't wait.

Rey's is hot stuff. I love it.

Get both! Well worth it!


Get Rey Diogo's.... :-)
Hehe! LOL!

I ordered both, and will post my thoughts after seeing them.