Rey Diogo DVD's

Just checking to hear some thought of the Rey Diogo DVD's. I know that there are good words for the Rodrigo Medeiros DVD's, so I was just woundering how they are. The one that has really caught my attention was the De La Riva Sweeps DVD?? Any coments on this one or any of the five DVD's would be great ....Thanks much!

I have the series and I really enjoy the DLR sweep DVD. It is laid
out sequentially and there is a lot of detail.

Also that is a good review at the site above

Very good DVD !

I just got these from Bruce at Island they are VERY good !

Hey, thanks, that's my review :-)

I thought the DVD was excellent. I had no prior experience with the DLR guard, and that gave me MORE than enough to work on!

~TT / Chris

ive bought one and im about to buy another.

Thank you I think I'll check it out!

The DLR sweep DVD is very good, and is the only instructional geared specifically towards DLR guard.

i didn't like them that much personally, but they're useful for having a library of dlr techs.

not as well laid out as medieros



ttt rey diogo's dvds are awsome!