Rey Diogo new JJ coach for IFL

Rey Diogo is the new BJJ coach for the Sabres fight team in the IFL.

Congrats to Rey!!

WOW. HUGE. congrats andre

ttt for Rey! Congratulations!


Rey trains the best Sr. division purple belt on this planet a Mr.Escoba...That right there show's how great his skills as an instructor are.

ttt for hura

Congrads to Rey!


gi or no-gi on Sun?

Thanks, Guys! Ill pass along the good word to Rey!

Dan, you can show up with either. Totally open mat.

Awesome for the sabers, does he still have $50 privates...j/k

lol...the privates are now $100. :)

Aren't the Sabres based out of Japan? Do the fighters train there or in their home states? Just wondering how he could be the coach if the guys are not around.

I believe they are here in L.A. under head coach Ken Yasuda.

The Sabres are mostly SoCal guys so that makes sense.

Congrats to Rey.


Is Hura still hot ? lol

No that's a man who posts on the forums as ESCOBA ...