Rey Diogo Pan Am Champion!!!!!!!!!

Rey Diogo kicked ass yesterday taking home the gold medal in the absolute division at the Pan Ams!

Congratulations to an incredible coach who serves as the best role model a student could ask for!

Good job Rey!!!

Andre, I heard Martin got the silver. If you saw his fights would you mind telling me how they went? Thanks

Hi Quick,

Martin had a bye in the first round and won his second fight against Dave Meyer (an excellent black belt from the Machados) by takedown. Dave is dangerous so Martin played a conservative game and ended up with the great win. He and Rey ended up in the finals, so he bowed out to his coach.

It was a great night for the team!


awesome news!

can you describe rey's matches?

LOL at Rey Diogo Pan Am Absolute Champ!!

Tell him the guys from Edson Carvalho congratulate him!!!!



In Rey's first match, against Milton Regis from Kioto, Rey pulled and the guy started his pass. Rey defended the pass but the guy almost got it so Rey went to his knees and recomposed his guard. He then went for one of his textbook closed guard sweeps, didnt get it, transitioned into his second standby sweep, and got it. Once on top, Rey worked to pass, passed, went to knee on the belly, then back to side control. From side control he locked in a choke, but couldnt finish it before time ran out.

He nearly passed out when that match was over. He was really sick with the flu (coughing up green stuff moments before the match) and looked totally exhausted.

In his second match, against Ica Medina from the Machados, Ica pulled guard and Rey worked to pass. He nearly passed a few times and gained a few advantage points. Ica was tough and Rey played it the best he could considering his total lack of wind. He ended up winning by the advantages for nearly passing a few times.

AWESOME!!! CONGRATS!!! Must be a great feeling to be at a school with an instructor like that.

Awesome - Andreh please tell Rey congratulations from me.

Whats up with people bowing out against their coaches?

If I ended up in the finals with my coach (would never happen because he is lighter, older and has higher rank) I would go at him 110%.

My coach would be dissapointed if I didn't try and beat him as hard as I could.

sounds awesome!

you guys are lucky to have rey as a coach.

very cool.

Rey has heart, no doubt.


Congratulations to Rey..
Amazing accomplishment

Andreh - check your e-mail...
E-mail me some pics from Pan Ams from Rey and you guys..I hope somebody took some pictures of Rey in action.

I e-mailed you another e-mail adress with a lot of space where you can send it..


Congrats to Rey..get well soon..Did Tati compete?

TTT for the King