Rey Diogo seminar Dayton, OH area

4th degree BJJ black-belt Ricardo "Rey" Diogo is coming to Dayton MMA Academy February 9th, 2013. Seminar will be 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM and costs just $50. Go to for more information.

Cool, TTT for Mike Patt & Rey!


Anyone around will not want to miss this. Phone Post

Bump for Rey!! Phone Post

TTT for Rey!

Thanks for posting. I want to keep this up so everyone that can possibly attend knows about it.




Rey rules!!! Phone Post

Bump Phone Post

Heard him this morning say how excited he is to do this seminar. ttt for Rey, he's the man

We are really excited to have Rey. I wore out his video series when I first started BJJ, and always wanted to train directly with him.

Seminar was outstanding. Rey is a really cool guy with a wealth of knowledge.

hope you guys had a good turnout.