Reyes/Franca: Matchmaker Question?

OK - I am the matchmaker for the AFC in Florida, and with roughly five weeks before our AFC event with the fabled match, we are preparing to OFFICIALLY submit the match and the rst of the card to the Florida State boxing commission.

We have gotten our final confirmation from Hermes.

About Manny, we have been out of touch for about 4 days now, which is unlike him. Additionally, there are rumors starting to float around that we would like to see Manny quell right now. If they are more than rumors, then that is best confirmed quickly as well.

I am sure this will get resolved soon.



I dont want to put the rumor here, because if it is true, then it is more serious than about the fight, so we want to know right away.

and so it begins...

I just want Pops, Manny or Thunder to come on here and call me an idiot and a ^&$^suker.

You know, in an odd way, that would make me feel better right about now.

You can look back at all the posts that made this materialize, and I was really not involved.

This is the professional end of things - the presentation to the commission is not a joke - we technically cant advertise until they see the card and we have an approval to go on.

It is that presentation that is due this week - EARLY this week!


is manny gonna pull a machiavelli?

This is some wierd-ass-spectator-sport-rubbernecking shit

Hahahaha never thought he'd pull something like this!
"quick thunderlips tell them I'm dead i don't want to get my ass kicked"


Well . . . I did say I was summoning the spirit of Manny Reyes when I was spoofing his writing style here a couple nights ago. Maybe I was more right than I thought.

Can you die from a steroid overdose? What about repeated thunderdick injections? Think that could kill a person?

Big Rob - you know I luv ya bro, but I dont drink beer.

Hermes is committed to Euphoria MFC, so it is no loss to him from a career perspective.

I am more worried about Reyes, whetther this thing happens or not.



keep this updated

what Camel Killer said..

Is there drug testing at this event MI?


The rumor is that Manny was killed in an accident... don't know if it is true or not... anyway even thought the guy was a jerk, RIP (if true)...