11 stolen bases, leads the league. He's been on base 29 times this year. His OBP is under .300 (.298). He has scored 20 runs. 3 triples.

So if you would all just shut your faces and pretend as if you've ever seen anyone score runs at the rate he gets on base you would look alot better. thanks.

and the mets, 15-7... Pedro, 5-0.

15-7 with Beltran not playing the last 2 weeks, Reyes 6 for his last 42, Wright making 3 errors a day in the field, Wagner blowing saves, and Floyd on the interstate.

Just wait till they actually start playing well.

the difference? Duaner Sanchez, and the rest of the bullpen. bullpen has been sensational. Sanchez, who we got from LA for Jae Seo who has been tossing salad for the Dodgers (rotfllmmfao @ floppy divac aka lakergirl. tough break on that deal, son). Sanchez has yet to allow a run this year and is the best set up man in baseball right now, hands down.

Mets 16-7... Glavine a complete genius tonight. Wagner locks it down in the 9th. 1-0 win in atlanta

Glavine was pretty much......masterful tonight.

first series win since 03 in atlanta, now we go for the first sweep in atlanta since 79. mets/astros nlcs IMO

wow Ryan you're a fucking idiot your jealousy is more evident than ever right now.

your team is going no where this year and if you compare the mets roster and the white sox roster the mets clearly have more talent. the mets will finish with a better record.

They'd better, they play in a pretty weak division. 55-60 games against Florida, Washington, and Philadelphia, plus another 18 or so against the Braves, who look average this reason they shouldn't win 50 games in their division.

The Sox at least have to deal with a tough Cleveland team, and Minnesota should be decent.

Atlanta six games, SD and SF six games. If it helps you sleep at night to continue to believe Detroit will finish with a better record than the Mets.

Just keep wishing the White Sox had a pitcher on the level of Pedro Martinez.

Ryan, don't feed the troll.

It will make the self-desrtucting of Deeder at the end of Sept. much more enjoyable.

PatK, let us not poll the forum of who has more baseball knowledge, you or me. the result will upset you.


he scores runs at the rate of someone with a .700 OBP.

like i said in my original post, on that day, friday, reyes has been on base 29 times this year. scored 20 runs. do the math. never before seen percentage. he's gonna score 100 runs with an OBP sub .300, that's what is scary.

I am always being amazed at people who are talking trash so early into a 162 game baseball season.

"PatK, let us not poll the forum of who has more baseball knowledge, you or me. the result will upset you."

Go ahead, make one.

I don't spend that much time looking up stats.

I'm too busy coaching my 2 years running league champs Babe Ruth team.

sure you are.

Go ahead and make the poll then, you whiny cunt.

You just don't want the cold, hard slap of reality to show you what a stupid douchebag everyone thinks you are, although I'd be willing to bet you already have an inkling.

Although I did have time to see that Jose Contreras has an ERA nearly half of that of Pedro Martinez, and is currently holding the longest undefeated streak in the majors.

But you're right, the WhiteSox don't have anyone near the same level as Pedro.

lmfao @ the edit!


man if i could get away with murder i'd stab your stupid pathetic ugly ass in the stomach then spit on your face as you died slowly.

LMAO!! you are a worthless piece of human.

the envy you have towards me is so visibly seeping through your pores now. it is because you have finally come to the realization that all the other members of the MLB forum have: you don't, just simply dont, posess the same passion for your team that i do for mine. and you, like them, disrespect me at first, but soon here you will learn to respect me because it is a passion that has never been seen by anything in the history of the world, man beast or machine. no one on this earth has a greater passion for anything. no one for their daughter, no one for a dead loved one.... nothing. no passion equals the passion i have for the mets. i live and die by every single pitch and i haven't missed A SINGLE PITCH