RF7 - Schack in Shape!

You heard it here first.

Underground regular, Norm Schack had taken some heat recently for not coming into his fights in top shape.

Unfortunately for Jason Frankovitch, this pissed Norm off.

We at www.STRENGTHCOACHONLINE.com were contracted to oversee Norm's strength, conditioning, nutritional and supplement programs for the 6 weeks prior to his next Reality Fight on 16 October 04, at Trump Boardwalk Hall.

Norm has lost over 20 pounds in the past 5 weeks, while increasing his strength and he is now a bona-fide cardio machine.

We cannot get him tired.

Read more about Norm's training at: http://www.strengthcoachonline.com/page2.html

Like I said before, unless Jay comes out fast and lands an early bomb, Norm is gong to dominate the pace and positions of this match.

I predict Schack by TKO.

Good luck to both guys!


sounds good. in a shape norm is going to be a formiddable opponent. I don't fight, just train, but you guys can feel free to help me those 20 pounds.


Who the hell is Norm Schack?

Come to Reality Fighting 7 and find out!!!   I feel amazing, cardio has never been like this.  Cant wait to get back into the ring and show everyone a new fighter.   Thanks for everything strengthcoach (Mike).  

Zodiac666:  It is Hands-on training, he is a bastard but damn do u get in shape!!

Shaq Daddy