RFVideo/RoH owner in trouble?

NBC10 in the Philadelphia area is running promos/doing a story (apparently involving Rob Feinstein) tonight:



To make a long story short, there is an internet watch group that attempts to catch adults soliciting sexual encounters with children. The 'underage kids' are actually adults working for Perverted-Justice.com. The NBC10 news team in PA worked with the website on a random investigation to showcase the service they thankfully perform for the community.

In the process, Feinstein attempted to solicit a meeting with one of the groups members, whom he believed was a 14 year old boy. All of this has been verified & documented. From there the group reports:

"Rob Feinstein showed up at our Group Media Bust door to meet NBC Philadelphia reporter Harry Harriston the day after he initiated the conversation with "Brandon". This occurred on March 1st. Feinstein ran to his silver Lexus, and peeled off from the scene of the meeting. This was all captured on camera."

Note Feinstein was not targeted in advance, he just happened to be one of the random perverts caught in the mix. Ironically he was caught at the same moment that the group was working with an NBC news affiliate. Nothing was pre-planned.

Supposedly Feinstein will be resigning his position with the wrestling company ROH (which will still be operated by it's co-owner) & will shut down his RF Video company. Good riddance!

bye-bye Feinstein...guess the rumors were true


Never liked the guy. I saw some homevideo where he toured around with Super Crazy and Tajiri. He acted like a complete ass.

Good riddance.

".....I am going to bang your mother like no other; Just as sure as Rob Feinstein want's to fuck your brother"- Joel Gertner


The above website contains the full on-line transcript of Feinstein trying to score with the supposed 14 year-old. It's a horrifying read.

I really hope this doesn't effect ROH in anyway.

It's sad that even people like this could be capable of things like that.

that guy is a complete piece of shit, im glad he got what was coming to him

Just remember people there is a differenece between homosexuality and peadophillia. It also worries me that some people think this is karma for a few dodgy VQ tapes.

nevermind, i saw the pic on that website

According to this Press Release, Feinstein is being divested of all involvement with both entities:

Statement from
Douglas I. Gentry
New President and CEO
RF Video, Inc. and Ring of Honor, Inc.

"As a result of a personal incident in which Mr. Feinstein was involved, both RF Video and Ring of Honor have made some necessary changes in both management and ownership of our companies. This was a personal incident and RF Video and Ring of Honor as corporations were not involved.

RF Video and Ring of Honor are family-friendly organizations. We value all of our customers, vendors and business partners. As a result, the board of directors of both corporations voted officially this afternoon to release Robert Feinstein as president and CEO of both RF Video and Ring of Honor. As of today, Mr. Feinstein is no longer officially associated with either company or any upcoming events and I was named as the new President and CEO of both corporations. He has been dissolved of all responsibility and ownership in both companies. Our corporate attorney is currently working on all the necessary paperwork. We are also exploring a new name change for RF Video, Inc. and we will have more details soon.

We want to thank you all for the many positive messages we have received from hundreds of you, including fans, talent and business partners. We are very excited about the many upcoming wrestling events in 2004!"

This news made me both sad and angry,he should obviously seek help for his problems. Hopefully, no child was harmed by his sickness and this will be a wake up call for him.I was a big fan of his shoot interviews and met him at a few shows, seemed like a nice guy...I guess you just never know!


To fully analyze the events of the past week, one must first examine
the tabloid nature of Feinsteins outing. Nary a reader would enjoy
their innermost vices being laid bare in such a public fashion. As an
alleged pedophile, the line between personal privacy and necessary
public knowledge becomes irreparably blurred, especially for a person
who has gained a significant amount of fame in wrestling circles. Just
as Feinsteins reputation gained through RF Videos success likely
helped the launch and burgeoning success of Ring of Honor, so too will
his despicable behavior hurt Ring of Honors future prospects. Those
who have attempted to separate Ring of Honor from Feinstein in the past
week are making a half baked argument. When one person is so integral
in the financial fortunes of a business, that business is most
certainly an enabler for the persons misdeeds.

Even if one argues that Feinsteins action should not reflect
negatively on RF Video and Ring of Honor, buying the ownership transfer
touted by all parties takes a true dullard. In his first and only
public statement since his outing, Feinstein claimed to resign from two
companies that he was heretofore reported to have owned autonomously.
His statement would be funny in its parody of disgraced Fortune 500
CEOs if it werent so pathetic. Owners of small businesses dont have
the option of merely stepping aside the way a corporate leader would.
There isnt a robust network of well-trained executives waiting in the
wings to move the company forward. When leadership of a small business
changes, it is the result of the owner selling, plain and simple. In
the case of RF Video and Ring of Honor, no reasonable person could
believe that Feinstein completed all the details of the sale of these
two companies in the past 48 hours. In fact, no reasonable person
could believe that Feinstein has legitimately severed ties with either
company. The press releases produced by RF Video and Ring of Honor
have been utter hogwash designed at salvaging whatever fan loyalty
remains for those two companies.

The decision to remain as a consumer of the RF Video and Ring of Honor
product lies in the hands of each wrestling fan. Just as revelations
of marital infidelities and violent crimes by high profile athletes
cause a portion of fans to leave while another portion stays, so too
will the coming months see an interesting dichotomy of people who
refuse to support a business run by an apparent pedophile on principle
and those who believe that a business owners personal life should stay
personal. Rob Feinstein, Ring of Honor and RF Video have done
themselves no favors by manufacturing press releases that insult the
common sense of any educated pro wrestling fan. Now it's the fans'
turn to react to that.

He might have put it in a family members name.

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Courtesy of pwbts.com

"Ring of Honor representatives have provided verified paperwork to various online sources this afternoon, indicating that a ownership change via stock transfer has taken place, putting 100% of the ownership stock in both Ring of Honor and RF Video (which is to be renamed in the near future) under the name of Doug Gentry, newly named head of both the Ring of Honor wrestling promotion and the associated video company.

The paperwork sent includes enabling paperwork to issue the stock certificates, copies of the actual certificates in question (stock certificates in the amount of 1000 shares in both Ring of Honor and RF Video) which were formally issued to Gentry to replace those previously held by Rob Feinstein, all dated March 8th of this year; as well as a letter from the attorney handling the paperwork."