Rhadi receives award from USOC!

2004 Olympian and Coach Rhadi Ferguson Awarded the United States Olympic Committee Sports Science Award of the Year for Judo at the 2007 USA Judo National Championships
Submitted by: Kid Peligro / Sr Editor
Posted On 04/24/2007

Miami, Florida, April 21, 2007 — 2004 Olympian Rhadi Ferguson retired from Judo in 2005 after winning four National Championships and becoming one of the top 16 players in the World in Athens , Greece . Although he has retired from competing, once again, he did not leave the National Championships empty-handed. Ferguson was awarded the United States Olympic Committee’s Sports Science Award of the Year for Judo.

Since retiring in 2005 Ferguson has produced and co-produced 14 DVDs on strength and conditioning, judo and information on how to win at sport and life. He has produced fitness products, books and constantly promotes the sport of Judo while coaching his athletes to the top echelon in sport.

In 2005 Rhadi aided two of his clients to Gold medals at the 2005 US Open. In that same year, both of his clients finished in the top 10 in their respective weight classes at the World Judo Championships. In 2006 Rhadi Ferguson was a key presenter at the National Strength and Conditioning Associations National Conference and he spoke on a subject matter for which he is an expert – Bodyweight Training.

In that same year Rhadi taught at several USA Judo Coaching Clinics and achieved the status of an “A” level Coach which makes him eligible to coach at the Olympic Games and the World Championships. Rhadi is also a contributing editor of Grappling Magazine and does his best to elevate the strength and conditioning as well as nutritional practices for those in the martial arts and judo communities.

This past weekend at the 2007 USA Judo Nationals, both of Rhadi Ferguson’s clients won the National Championship in their respective weight classes and one of his clients Taraje Williams-Murray is going to represent the United States at the 2007 World Championships and Pam American Games in Judo. Taraje has been on a blistering streak since partnering with Rhadi Ferguson and is on-track to medal at the World Championships.

The beautiful thing about Rhadi is that he has not confined his talents to the Judo mat. Rhadi is the only Olympian Judo Player to also hold a black belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu and he is the only “A” ranked Judo Coach in the country to have coached, not only in high level judo tournaments but also at the Pride Fighting Championships and the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

When asked about the award Ferguson said, “It has always been my goal to raise the bar in my sport. I truly believe there is a void in terms of having a professional approach when it comes to proper preparation in sport. Having a collaborative sports science approach which includes but is not limited to strength and conditioning, sports psychology and sound rehabilitative practices is imperative. It is the only way to ensure optimum performance. A lot of people confine sports science to resistance training – it is so much more than that. The lack of understanding of that ‘small’ fact can make-or-break your client’s success.”

Because of Ferguson’s many accomplishments in Judo and the grappling arena as a Coach at the 2007 USA National Championships USA Judo Awarded Rhadi Ferguson with the 2006 Sports Science Award of the Year.

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