Tape is complete...It will go priority mail in the AM...

It's gone. You should have in 2 days.


Do itashimashite

Did you get the tape?

Got the tape. Thanx.

Did 5 sets of 25 reps of 155lbs on the squat (past parallel) on tuesday. It's a far cry from 405, but we're on our way. Pumped out 5 sets of 12 of 245 on the bench with no problem. We're looking good tipping the scales at a whopping 237lbs!!!!! with 15% body fat. :-)

I wasn't lifting as nearly as much as I am now. Most people know that when you couple cardio with strength training the strength gains suffer. That is why Olympic Weightlifters don't do any cardio. Because I didn't do any judo from September 1 until almost the first week of November. I basically ate, drank and slept in the weightroom. Also it is also a fact that when you gain muscle, the downside is - you gain fat. Before my injury, my body fat was about 7-10%. Now it is around 13-15%. Not bad, because I have been doing a lot of hypertrophy training. My leg was small after surgery. It is about the same size as the other one, but my calf muscle is still very small.

Before I took second in the NY Open last year - I don't know how much I was lifting. I wasn't lifting much - if at all to be honest with you. I went to Brazil, France, Hungary, Great Britain and then Nationals was like a month after that - so the lifting was at a minimum.

I will probably live in the weightroom. While everybody else is in Europe this year, I'll be in the weightroom. I've never lifted this much in my life - I hate it - but I like it.

By March 1st I'll be back down to 220 (solid).

I go to the Physiologist at the OTC and they do it with calipers (skin fold).


Rhadi why you got to lie I know you dont lift that much. I lift double that man. hahaha Im just playin with ya dawg see ya soon good luck on your knee man I know how you feel I have no acl's in either of my knees


Dude is a monster.