Excellent showing by the Red Hot Chili Peppers on SNL tonight,IMO. John F. was channeling the spirit of Hendrix,getting moans and cries out of an OLD Strat that would have made Jimi proud(or at least he would have chuckled"Maybe this guy has listened to Crosstown Traffic too many times").

Flea was in the pocket, Chad was a groovin' metronome, and Anthony was in fine form voice-wise. I may have to get this new album. I feel sorry for anybody that downloads it and robs themselves of the slavish devotion to sound quality that Flea says they poured into this one.

yes, they rocked-

I'll get the new one too- I like that song...I haven't bought a RHCP disc since Mother's Milk and wasn't sure about Californication, but that was the best thing they had put out in years...the new one is supposed to be really good-

I think this is the best version of the RHCP's. They are great with Frusciante(sp?). I didn't care much for Dave N.

^^ I agree, wish I'd caught them.

I agree that they were awesome on SNL. I'm not saying that they're
the best band in the world, but I don't think anyone else's love for
music comes out as clearly as does the Chilis, if that makes any

A lot of people criticize their last few few albums, or
everything since Freaky Stylie, or whatever, but I think they're
making incredible music.

Yes, rp2. Thatis one of the things that really got my attention. His tone was awesome.

I think his tone on the Californication and By the Way discs is
absolutely beautiful.

I watched them do an hour set on VH1 from Milan last night and they were fucking brilliant.

Frusciante especially was damn good.

Was the old strat on SNL the battered white one as that was the one he was using in Milan and it sounded awesome