Rhode Island legalizes MMA

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                                Rhode Island legalizes MMA

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                    <p>The House Corporations Committee has passed a bill that would prohibit driving while text-messaging.<br />

The bill, which already has passed the Senate, now goes to the full House for a vote.

Supporters of the measure say drivers who were text-messaging have been responsible for several accidents, including some fatal crashes. Some committee members had concerns about how the police will be able to determine whether drivers were texting before a crash, but voted for the bill nonetheless.

Text-messaging while driving is already banned in at least 10 states -- including Connecticut -- and the District of Columbia.

The committee also passed a controversial bill that would allow mixed martial arts fighting in the state. The form of hand-to-hand competition combines wrestling, boxing and other fighting forms.

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WOW thats awesome!

 YAH it is! Maybe Tiny the Terrible and Half Nelson will finally get to fight?


Congrats. That is great news.


This is so great. Im sure the UFC is just itching to get to Rhode Island. NOT. Who the fuck lives in or cares about Rhode Island. Dont expect to see the UFC there anytime soon. Just bumfights with weird accents.

i want santos

Awesome, still have my fingers crossed for NY.

Good grief, this is ridiculous, do we really want MMA in RI if it comes at the cost of outlawing minors working in strip clubs, and outlawing indoor prostitution?!!?!?

Kirik -  YAH it is! Maybe Tiny the Terrible and Half Nelson will finally get to fight?

I have a Rhode Island vale tudo shirt that has that fight listed on the back.Lol!

good news, maybe the state just north will get its act together

vote up

RI rules.

Just to clarify, RI has not yet legalized MMA. This was just another step in the legislative process. It passed through a House of Reps committee but still must go through a full House vote.

Time to bring back RIVT!!!

How many states legalize MMA now or ban it?

 wonder if any of the MA promoters will start looking at venues in RI to book for fight nights.

Let the corruption begin!!! Can u say Patriarca?

this is great news. now a trip to r.i. for strippers and a rub & tug can have some "professional" fighting mixed in.