Ric Flair and Time Magazine

How many of you remember when wrestling fans hijacked Time Magazine's Man of the Century and voted for Flair?
He ended up at #1 for a while

He's still number one to me.

It was Mick Foley, actually. He and that Matthew something kid, the gay kid from North Dakota that got beaten to death. Funny as hell, definitely. I remember even the statement from Time Magazine as they stumbled all over their own asses trying to go from "we'll take the public's opinion very seriously into consideration" to "fuck the internet poll"

Mick Foley was man of the Year.
Falir was Man of the Decade as well as People Magazine's "Most beautiful." Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch made People list of most intriging people and Bret Hart got in there too.

Then they realized that internet polls may not be a good idea afterall.

LOL at Flair being "Man of the Decade". If that was in 1999, they were about ten years too late for that.

Sunny I think was one at one legitimately the most downloaded woman in America.

That's Matthew Shepard from Laramie, Wyoming.